Are you prepped for Glastonbury?

Exactly one month today and the gates open for one of the UKs favourite festivals Glastonbury. The loved pastures of Glastonbury where all that is weird and wonderful combine, it’s important not to overlook what Glastonbury has often been renowned for.. MUD. Splashed across the Daily Mail party goers have trudged through knee deep mud wading their way towards the over spilling compost toilets.

After a weekend of partying and no showering I am sure many of you look forward to returning home for a good scrub. Now just imagine getting home to find your boiler has packed up and you’ve no hot water or heating. A pretty horrific thought I am sure you would agree, don’t let this be you.

Worried about the price of a replacement boiler having forked out for your Glasto ticket, no worries either. We offer various finance packages to help spread the cost, including Buy Now, Pay Later.

We’ve got it all covered here at the Glow Green offices so you can party till your hearts content and know that warm hot bath is waiting for you at home. Perfection!


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