Common Boiler Faults

What are Most Common Boiler Faults

A faulty boiler sounds like a nightmare scenario for any household. It’s not much fun being stuck in a cold home with no hot water. Although modern boilers are relatively reliable, every boiler is bound to break down at least a couple of times during its lifetime. Even the most reliable boilers do break down – the question is how long is your manufacturer warranty period, how clued up is your heating engineer and how well you maintain your central heating boiler. Read more

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Using Smart Thermostat Data to Optimise Your Fuel Bill

When it comes to using smart thermostat data to regulate the boilers and other heating/cooling systems, most of us are barely scratching the surface. During the recent surge of boiler installations that come with a Nest thermostat or other smart thermostat models, we’ve noticed that most consumers will pick the most convenient mode that requires the least effort from them.

Although the new generation of thermostats are supposed to be smart, you won’t get the maximum benefit out of them unless you learn how to use smart thermostat data to help you save even more money. Read more

How To Ensure Your Boiler Works This Winter

With winter nearly here and the temperatures dropping, a lot of people will be firing up their central heating for the first time since the spring.

The colder months can be very hard on your boiler, with a variety of problems that can leave you out in the cold if not addressed.

Luckily, there are some boiler maintenance tips you can follow to prevent your boiler packing up this winter. Read more

Boiler Fault Finding – For Professionals & Advanced Users

These days it seems that there is an app for everything, so it should come as no surprise that there are apps on the market that can help you with boiler fault finding.

In fact, Ideal boilers currently come with such an app, designed to work specifically with their boilers using the same data that the company itself receives about its appliances. Read more

Ideal Logic Serial Number

How Old is My Boiler?

Although the age of your boiler is not the main factor in determining whether it’s time to replace it, it may be useful to be able to date the installation. Imagine you move into a property that has got an old boiler installed and you have no idea when it was installed. Read more

5 Signs it’s Time for Combi Boiler Replacement

With the indian summer spoiling us this autumn, many people are reluctant to let wintry thoughts inside their minds, however this might be the best time to think about replacing your boiler to ensure a worry-free onset of colder weather. We don’t usually notice our boiler as it sits hidden away in a cupboard. Except for when it breaks down. It’s a difficult call to make – whether to replace your old boiler this season or live with your fingers crossed praying it will last until the next season. Read more

Summer Energy Savings

How to Save Money on Energy Bills During Summer

Although you are unlikely to think about your energy bills now that the weather is picking up, this is the best time to start thinking strategically and relieve pressure off the energy bills for the next winter. There are a few simple and clever things you can do right now and enjoy savings when they really matter. Read more

Boiler Maintenance – Top Tips

Practise good boiler maintenance and keep your boiler running in top condition throughout the seasons.

Read more