Worcester Bosch Lifestyle

Where to Buy Worcester Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle Boilers?

Why are all central heating boilers so ugly? There is no denying that your combi boiler is not something you would have proudly on display. That’s why most homeowners will do whatever they can to hide it away. However, the housing market is changing and manufacturers have to respond to this change. With the general population increasing significantly, the average size of our properties keep reducing, meaning that a large portion of the future’s housing stock will come with tiny kitchens. How do you fit a boiler in a cupboard if all you have is a tiny gallery kitchen? Right, you can’t. That’s why Worcester Bosch has introduced what only seems like a logical step towards an inevitable interior design trend – stylish boiler. Read more

Boiler Plus Government Scheme

Which Boiler Brand Wins in 2019?

It’s that time of the year again when Which? consumer association releases the updated boiler review. So if you’re wondering which boiler is better for you in 2019, you’ve come to the right place as we attempt to summarise the Which Best Buy Boiler report to point out the important bits. Read more

Solar Energy Adoption Rides On Storage Solutions

Solar energy in the domestic and commercial markets have struggled to see the levels of adoption that the renewable energy industry – and anyone concerned with carbon emissions – had hoped.

This is primarily down to the problems of energy storage.

However, with storage technologies developing rapidly, we could be on the cusp of a solar revolution as self-generated power becomes economically viable for people and businesses alike. Read more

Understanding Energy Ratings of New Boilers

How Is Boiler Efficiency Measured

The cost of heating your home is often the largest portion of your household bills, especially during the winter. In fact, during the colder months heating costs can constitute up to 60% of your monthly outgoings.

Renewable Energy Can Be Produced On A Large Scale

When we talk about renewable energy, one common misconception crops up over and over again. It goes something like this:

“It’s impractical to try to power a country on renewable energy.” Read more

Amazon vs Google – Who is Going to Win the Smart Home Race?

Amazon have just made a big play for the smart home market by purchasing the smart home manufacturer Ring. Read more

3 Cool Buildings Powered By Solar Energy

One of the concerns with moving towards a low carbon world is that buildings will become so littered with solar panels that every city block will be an eyesore and every office will be hell to work in. Read more

Boiler Plus Government Scheme

Boiler Plus Government Scheme To Make UK Homes Greener

From April 2018, all newly installed gas combination boilers will require a mandatory additional efficiency measure according to a new government policy code-named Boiler Plus.

This mandatory measure is intended to make UK homes even greener. Read more

Smart Devices Spying On You And How To Fix It

The 21st century has brought us some incredible pieces of technology. From smartphones to smart TVs, our lives are filled to the brim with gear and gadgets that make our lives easier, more efficient and often more enjoyable. Of course, there is a price to pay for the new world we live in. Are you concerned about smart devices spying on you? Read more

Walmart August Deliveries

Should Postmen be Worried? Home Deliveries About to be Disrupted

You don’t often find “Walmart” and “cool” written in the same sentence, however, this time around Walmart has done something really cool. They’ve teamed up with smart home lock system August to disrupt the home delivery industry.

Amazon already tried it a while back by announcing Amazon Prime Air – a 30 minute delivery service using drones. Although they launched a trial here in the UK, the concept may take a few years to be introduced widely. It’s more of a “pie in the sky” idea, no pun intended. Mainly due to the potential of abuse such drone delivery service is open to. Read more