Boiler Plus Government Scheme

Boiler Plus Government Scheme To Make UK Homes Greener

From April 2018, all newly installed gas combination boilers will require a mandatory additional efficiency measure according to a new government policy code-named Boiler Plus.

This mandatory measure is intended to make UK homes even greener. Read more

Smart Devices Spying On You And How To Fix It

The 21st century has brought us some incredible pieces of technology. From smartphones to smart TVs, our lives are filled to the brim with gear and gadgets that make our lives easier, more efficient and often more enjoyable. Of course, there is a price to pay for the new world we live in. Are you concerned about smart devices spying on you? Read more

Walmart August Deliveries

Should Postmen be Worried? Home Deliveries About to be Disrupted

You don’t often find “Walmart” and “cool” written in the same sentence, however, this time around Walmart has done something really cool. They’ve teamed up with smart home lock system August to disrupt the home delivery industry.

Amazon already tried it a while back by announcing Amazon Prime Air – a 30 minute delivery service using drones. Although they launched a trial here in the UK, the concept may take a few years to be introduced widely. It’s more of a “pie in the sky” idea, no pun intended. Mainly due to the potential of abuse such drone delivery service is open to. Read more

Home Automation Title

Smart Home Facts & Stats – Infographic (Updated)

Today, smart home is already an industry of a considerable size and it is on a brink of a major expansion. We’ve tried to incorporate the most important smart home facts in an infographic, and here’s what we came up with. A couple of years ago the cumulative revenue of home automation products and services reached $20 billion per annum. It’s set to hit $59 billion by 2020, however, as it is with everything, we can only judge the true amount of something through comparison. Read more

Tiny Wireless Sensor

Battery-free Sensors for a Smart Home

Currently, one of the main limitations of developing gadgets and sensors for smart home is the fact that they’re hungry for energy and are completely reliant on an external energy source. This explains why all sensors available to the retail market today are so big and clunky. Read more

Could the Smart Home be Governed by Biological Sensors?

It’s no secret to any budding smart home enthusiast that a successful home automation system is fully dependant upon good quality sensors. Without being able to detect the amount of light, temperature or motion, it’s impossible to create devices that would provide sufficient response to external factors. Read more

LG Sensors

LG to Expand their Smart Home Range

We’ve been watching LG’s journey within the IoT technology advancements for a while. They have already confirmed they would offer a range of Google Home compatible devices including fridges, ovens, air quality management devices, washing machines and even robotic hoovers. However, it seems they have much more than that up their sleeve. Read more

Smart Thermostat Data Analysis is Important for the Industry

If you look at the advertising efforts of the big brands of smart thermostats, you will have noticed that the main USP of their smart gadgets is that they help you save energy. Yet the question is, do we really know how average people are using their smart thermostats and does the industry use this data to improve the future editions of thermostats and to model energy use with an aim of reducing the consumption even further? Read more

Google Home Compatible Devices – the Ultimate List of Smart Home Gadgets

At the beginning, Google Home – the smart speaker – was just a gimmicky gadget that could give you (not so) clever answers to questions like “what’s the weather today”. However, it is trying to be much more than that. The device has a potential of becoming a smart home hub – a central gadget that will integrate with other IoT devices and become the heart of your smart home.

As it stands, the things are going the right direction. Google is opening up its system to new partners; and tech startups have begun building their smart devices with cross-system integration in mind. Read more

Geeni Smart Plug

More Smart Devices to Integrate with Google Home

Recent announcements made by LG and Geeni technology firms offer encouragement for consumers who think that the current range of smart home appliances is limited to smart thermostats and CCTV cameras. Read more