Smart Blinds with Electric Motor

Smart Blinds that Integrate with Amazon Alexa

Although it takes time for the Internet of Things (IoT) to establish itself in our homes beyond the conventional smart thermostats and multi-coloured LED lamps, constant developments in the smart home sector mean that new and exciting gadgets keep popping up from time to time. What’s more important that high adoption rate means the prices of these smart gadgets are relatively reasonable. Read more

Apple Virtual Assistant for Smart Home

Apple Fancies a Bite of the Smart Home Pie

Rumours of Apple preparing a new artificial intelligence device for smart home applications resurfaced after company’s marketing boss Phil Schiller dropped acid comments about his potential competitors – Google Home and Amazon Echo. Read more

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Alexa Voice Integration

There have been rumours going around placing the new generation Ecobee4 smart thermostat at the very top of the pile and now that the thermostat has finally been announced officially, we can say that the rumours have not been far from truth. The new smart home gadget is truly inspirational. Read more

Tado Smart Thermostat with IFTTT

Gas Safe Top Tips

It’s Gas Safety Week! An important week to help raise awareness of the potential dangers of unsafe gas and help keep our customers and employees safe. Since we cannot see gas it can easily go undetected if you are unaware of the signs to spot unsafe gas or have not received a gas safety check on your property. Read more

Having a boiler installed – a revealing insight

Whilst browsing the web keeping on our toes for industry related articles we couldn’t help but clasp eyes on a gem of an article regarding having a boiler installed, written by Donna Ferguson. Not that we would ever choose to agree with bashing our competitors, some of which Donna mentions, it makes for an interesting read to detail an insight into her boiler journey. Read more