Why Is My Boiler Making Loud Noises?

Why Is My Boiler Making Loud Noises?

Your boiler making loud noises is usually a sign of some kind of fault within the central heating system.

It is important to investigate these noises, as ignoring boiler problems can be expensive and dangerous. Read more

Boiler Quote

How To Choose The Right Boiler Quote And Get The Best Deal

One of the largest purchases you’ll make is when replacing your boiler. Boilers are expensive pieces of equipment, so making sure you get it right first time is vital.

There is a lot to take in to account when buying a boiler. To ensure that you get the best deal, follow our short guide to getting the right boiler quote on the right boiler for you. Read more

Bad Boiler Installation

Avoid The Horrors Of Unsafe Boiler Installations

We always try to stress the importance of ensuring that any tradesman that performs any type of work on your boiler is registered Gas Safe.

Unfortunately, not everybody is getting the memo.

Thankfully there are things you can do to avoid the horrors of an unsafe boiler installation. Read more

Will Hydrogen Heating Replace Gas Boilers In The Future?

Although solar, hydro and wind power play a growing role in the UK’s energy landscape, not everything can be powered this way with current technology.

In particular, gas boilers seem resistant to these renewable technologies. The way this has typically been dealt with has been in improving the efficiency of gas boilers, a trend that continues as Claire Perry – UK Energy & Clean Growth Minister – announces a rise in the minimum efficiency standard for boilers to 92%. Read more

Can Houses Become Powerhouses?

With the data in from the UK’s first energy-positive classroom, a team led by Swansea University have built the nation’s first energy-positive office.

The building utilises solar energy to produce more power than it consumes. Read more

Boiler Plus Government Scheme

Consumer Guide To Gas Boiler Servicing

For most people, household heating is central to their quality of life. Problems with heating and hot water are always emergencies as both are core to daily comfort.

At the centre of household heating is the gas boiler, and ensuring that this essential piece of equipment – and the system it is connected to – is in top working order is the responsibility of gas boiler engineers. Read more

What To Do With Your Boiler If You Go On Holiday

What To Do With Your Boiler If You Go On Holiday

Going on holiday is never as simple as it seems. In fact, there’s a whole host of things you need to have sorted before you skip off to catch some sun.

One thing that many people are unsure about is what to do with their boiler when they go on holiday. Read more

Smartflower Solar Panel

Solar Panels Inspired by Sunflower

Rooftop solar panels are a great way to top up your electricity balance, however, you’re unlikely to be able to go off-grid just on the account of photovoltaics. Unless, of course, you have a very big roof that is positioned towards the South. Read more

Gas Safe Engineer

Illegal Gas Installations Cost £100 million – More Prosecutions Needed

According to the UK Gas Safe Register (GSR), the British people are losing up to £100 million every year on account of illegal gas work carried out by rogue traders. But wait, the stats get even scarier – 20% of the residential addresses surveyed by GSR were found to be in danger due to illegally fitted gas appliances such as boilers and cookers. Read more

Smart Glass

Smart Windows will Help You Reduce Your Heating Bill

You can hardly surprise people with smart devices and other IoT gadgets, however, this new development is something entirely new – we’re talking about an emerging sub-discipline of IoT which is smart surfaces. It encompass a new generation of materials that are able to change their properties instigated by an external impulse. Read more