“I love this job”

Behind the scenes our office staff have been working their socks off with the September rush beginning already. If you can imagine a calm duck floating on water and underneath its legs are kicking away at a million miles an hour, that is probably the best way to describe our office at the moment. Individually each member has put in a first class effort, but we wanted to write a little post dedicated to a particular member who has shone!

Matthew our Scheduling Manager cannot be commended enough for his hard work and dedication to the team. Always available to lend a hand and offer support whilst juggling his severe work load, we all have Matthew to thank.

Its so important to recognise those member of the team who go above and beyond. Despite a hard week which can easily dampen spirits, Matthew charged on forward without a single moan. A very well deserved pat on the back to Matt and a large bottle of Jack Daniels went down well. Upon receiving his gift of liquor Matt told “I absolutely love this job, no matter how hard it is” … Fantastic, a real pleasure to know. I think it made us all incredibly proud to be a part of such a fab team!!

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