Are you prepped for Glastonbury?

Exactly one month today and the gates open for one of the UKs favourite festivals Glastonbury. The loved pastures of Glastonbury where all that is weird and wonderful combine, it’s important not to overlook what Glastonbury has often been renowned for.. MUD. Splashed across the Daily Mail party goers have trudged through knee deep mud wading their way towards the over spilling compost toilets. Read more

A review to rave about!

We have recently had quite possibly the best review we have had from a very happy customer. Although we always strive to receive positive feedback from our customers, providing them with the best possible service, it is always a joy when we hear words like these. Delighted we couldn’t resit dedicating a post. Thank you very much Zenon we do hope to impress further customers as much as we have you. Read more

First blog post, here we go..

Hello there, this is Glow Greens first time venture at blogging, rather exciting. We know how important it is to build a great relationship with our customers and let them know how thankful we are for their business. So what better way to catch up than a natter over a blog. Read more