Solar Panels Inspired by Sunflower

Rooftop solar panels are a great way to top up your electricity balance, however, you’re unlikely to be able to go off-grid just on the account of photovoltaics. Unless, of course, you have a very big roof that is positioned towards the South.

Engineers have been toying with the idea of tracking photovoltaic solar panels for a while and there are a few industrial applications available that will try to follow the sun as it moves. Nevertheless this technology has been complicated and pricey.

Smartflower Solar Panel

Inspired by the sunflower, which is known to track the sun naturally, a Texas-based company Solar Pro has developed a civilian tracking photovoltaic unit called SmartFlower. It does look so cool that it will definitely double up as a garden sculpture.

Because of its unique technology, SmartFlower will produce 40% more power than static panels of a similar square footage. You rarely get a green technology product that looks great and offers a massive improvement in performance.

It’s ideal for properties that are not positioned in a way that they would justify static rooftop panels. Or the SmartFlower can also be used as an additional source for the households that have already adopted solar electricity generation.

The pedestal is available in an array of colours, including magenta and blue. Initially only available in North America, it has recently been brought to the UK by Green Mole.

It’s not the easiest thing to install due to its distance from the property. The electric cabling will have to be planned properly. Including delivery and installation, the price of the SmartFlower may hover around the £17,000 mark. Yes, it’s not the cheapest green gadgets available, however, you will agree, it looks pretty amazing and it may give you the coveted off-the-grid lifestyle.

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