Published on 20th July 2022

Apple Fancies a Bite of the Smart Home Pie

Rumours of Apple preparing a new artificial intelligence device for smart home applications resurfaced after company’s marketing boss Phil Schiller dropped acid comments about his potential competitors – Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Asked about his thoughts on the competing products he remarked “Well, I won’t talk to either one specifically, [I] don’t want to. My mother used to have a saying that if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.”

He also pointed out something that we’ve been wondering about a lot – why do smart devices lack the screen. Sure, voice controls are nice but the range of usability would certainly increase if the Echo had a screen.

Apple has already developed Siri intelligent personal voice assistant software and HomeKit which is a software framework used to configure appliances (such as Ecobee smart thermostat) via your iPhone. So it would only make sense if Apple continued development and created a gadget that would directly compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

There’s also been a recent info leak, speculation or rumour, if you like, that there’s a high chance Apple is going to reveal a smart home device this summer. This was reported by MacRumors which and they get most of their predictions right.