Published on 11th February 2019

Combi Boiler Maintenance - The Correct Things To Do

When it comes to any type of appliance, ensuring it is maintained properly is a savvy thing to do as it prolongs the work life of the device. Combi boiler maintenance is always cheaper than replacing the appliance, especially a combi boiler that costs at least £2,500 to replace. With modern combi boilers there is not that much to do maintenance-wise from the homeowner’s perspective. Touching anything apart from the user controls would be outright dangerous, however, there are a few things you should look out for.

Keeping the Pressure in Check

All modern combi boilers will have a pressure dial on the front. Pressure may drop for various reasons and you need to top it up from time to time. This is not a difficult job and you don’t need to call the engineer every time the pressure drops. Make sure that you’re familiar with the user manual or get the installer to explain to you how to increase the water pressure when it drops. The normal range of pressure is between 1 and 1.5 bar. If it goes below 1, you need to top it up. If it suddenly rises, though, it’s time to call a plumber!

Use only as much as you consume

Always set the thermostat and the boiler temperature dial to the minimum acceptable figure. Overheating the house and then opening the windows to cool it down is not a savvy thing to do – it wastes money and reduces the lifespan of the heating system. When the warm season arrives, switch the boiler to the “hot water only” mode to prevent central heating switching on accidentally.

Powerflush for Combi Boiler Maintenance

Most homeowners will order full system cleanse before replacing a boiler, however, some boiler manufacturers recommend powerflush to be repeated at a regular intervals of two to three years. Speak to your installer and see if they recommend repeat powerflush. This practice will prevent sludge from building up in the pipework. Removing sludge and debris will increase boiler efficiency as heating up clean water is cheaper than heating up sludge and debris, and it will also impact how long your boiler lasts.

Yearly Boiler Service

The best thing you can do for your combi boiler is to give it an annual service. This has to be done by a Gas-Safe registered professional. Carrying out regular servicing will help you catch issues early avoiding costly repairs or even boiler replacement. it also makes sense from the safety perspective. Like any gas appliance, a boiler can be dangerous if issues are not addressed properly.