Last Updated on 23rd August 2022

Commercial Catering

All natural gas or LPG catering equipment in catering establishments should be tested annually to ensure it is safe and meets current standards. Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Office canteens, Fish and Chips Shops and other such providers, Mobile Catering Units, Canteens in Factories, Public Houses, Private Clubs etc

Glow Green is offering commercial catering establishments the opportunity to have a full gas safety check and certification before the Environmental Health Officer visits to see this document. This check must be carried out annually and the certificate kept on file for two years. We would be looking at a number of areas that would include:

Ventilation to ensure combustion gases are extracted adequately That the gas meter is of adequate size to allow gas appliances to work correctly Gas tightness test to ensure there are no leaks on pipework and emergency control valves are fitted Interlocks are fitted that ensure extract fans are working when gas appliances are working In addition kitchens need to be cleaned regularly from a food hygiene point of view and also grease can be a fire hazard particularly in canopies and ducting. The certificate will indicate whether the kitchen has PASSED all aspects, will identify AT RISK areas however should there be an IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS situation then the gas could be switched off until remedial works have been undertaken.

If you are unsure of your position please ring and we will be happy to visit.

The regulation recommends that all gas equipment is serviced according to the manufacturers instructions at least annually. Not only is the equipment tested but we look at the ventilation and gas shut off systems to provide a totally safe working environment for your employees. Make sure your commercial kitchen appliance, valves and ventilation is working correctly and up to date with current regulation by booking your annual safety check.