Published on 20th July 2022

Gas Interlock Systems

Since 2001 it has been mandatory that all commercial catering establishments install a gas interlock. An interlock is a safety device that isolates the gas supply in a at risk situation i.e. a gas leak or fire. This is becoming very popular in hotels, commercial kitchens, boiler room and industrial units. Schools laboratory class rooms also require interlock systems to ensure they meet current regulations.

Glow Green are experienced installers of gas interlock systems and have helped many commercial/ industrial establishment. Here are photos of a recent gas safety interlock system glow green installed at drilling systems, based at Bournemouth aviation Business Park.

A gas interlock system was installed at Drilling Systems, who take pride in health and safety within there premises. Safety “slam shut” button were installed at various parts on the commercial unit to isolate the gas supply should there be a emergency or hazard.

Glow green specifies only the most technologically advanced systems making any installation carried out today future proof towards how regulation may change in the future, ultimately saving you money and keeping you and your interests safe.

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