Last Updated on 23rd August 2022

LG to Expand their Smart Home Range

We’ve been watching LG’s journey within the IoT technology advancements for a while. They have already confirmed they would offer a range of Google Home compatible devices including fridges, ovens, air quality management devices, washing machines and even robotic hoovers. However, it seems they have much more than that up their sleeve.

LG have now developed a range of home automation sensors to reassert their foothold in the IoT industry. Looking at the LG smart sensors, there’s nothing ground-breaking there. The range consists of five products: water leak detection, smoke, carbon monoxide, door/window opening sensor and a movement sensor. All can be set up to communicate with your mobile phone so you will get alerts when something untoward is happening.

There has been no comment regarding possible integrations, however, since their smart home appliances range was announced to be Google Home compatible, it is expected that the LG smart sensors will come with at least some degree of integration. Experts agree that the current state of technical fragmentation within the IoT industry is one of the main factors that are slowing down the growth. That’s why we’re sure LG has the ability to keep the whole picture in mind and make sure their expanding range of home automation devices doesn’t add to the issue of technical fragmentation.

The official press release states that the products are manufactured by LG business partners (read, the products will be made in China) and the current retail price in South Korea is between $28 and $60 per sensor. We don’t know when the sensors are going to be made available in the UK and North America but the mobile app LG Smart ThinQ is available from Google Play worldwide. The same app can be used to govern the new sensors. Watch out for more smart things to come from the R&D team at LG.