Frequently Asked Questions

    General FAQs

    Who are Glow Green?
    Glow Green is a multi award winning, energy installation business. Founded by Lloyd Greenfield in 2011, we have grown to be arguably the most successful installer of Boilers, Air Conditioning, PV Solar, Battery Storage and EV chargers throughout the UK. We have installed over 100,000 energy saving products and are just getting started.
    Why do you not send out a surveyor?
    We do not need to send a “surveyor” out to your property. We appreciate that your time is valuable and it’s not always convenient dealing with a sales person in your property! We have spent years developing our bespoke product quoting tool to change the way our customers can buy our installation products. We use our latest cutting edge technology to quote for your chosen product. Our specialists will talk you through some simple questions over the phone. These have been derived from our bespoke systems that use algorithms to generate a detailed quotation which can then be emailed to you within seconds.
    Do you cover my area?
    Yes we cover the UK. Our head office is located in Bournemouth. Due to success we have organically grown to cover the entire mainland UK.
    Where are your engineers based?
    Our engineers are based across the UK. We ensure that we send local engineers to our customers. All our engineers are experienced & fully qualified to install your chosen product. Our engineers have to pass a vigorous audit process on each installation to ensure that these are completed to the highest of standards and manufacturer instructions.
    Do you offer finance?
    Yes - Glow Green is regulated by the FCA as a credit broker. This means we work with a panel of lenders that can supply you with finance. Our lenders supply finance for our boiler, PV solar, battery storage, air conditioning and EV charger installations.
    What quality control do you have in place for the installation?
    100% of all our installations for all products are audited. This is to ensure that the engineer has completed the work to the highest of standards.

    Boiler FAQs

    How much does a new boiler cost?
    As you can imagine, this is the number one question our customers ask. This is why we created our online quote tool, to help give our customers an idea of the cost instantly. The tool takes things like the size of your home into consideration and gives you a personalised quote with various options to suit your budget.
    How quickly can I have a new boiler installed by Glow Green?
    If your boiler is broken and you’re without hot water and heating, we will aim to get your new boiler installed in as little as 48 hours from accepting our fixed-price quote.
    Which is the best boiler?
    We supply the very best quality boilers at affordable prices. We can supply Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Viessmann boilers. All these boilers are WHICH? rated and voted for by the public and engineers to be the best.
    Can I spread the cost?
    Yes, we are regulated by the FCA as a credit broker (not a lender). We work in partnership with a panel of lenders who provide a range of finance plans with no deposit needed.
    What qualifications do your engineers have?
    Providing quality service is at the heart of our business here at Glow Green. Our quality control engineers ensure every boiler we fit meets our exceedingly high standards. All of Glow Green’s engineers are rigorously vetted, fully qualified and Gas Safe registered.
    What is Glow Care?
    Glow Care is our service and maintenance contract. Glow Care 100 is the minimum requirement for the 12 year extended boiler warranty. Glow Care 300 will give you full central heating cover.
    What warranty do I get?
    Our Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Viessmann boiler all come with a 5 year manufacturer backed guarantee, out of the box with no extra cost. With our Glow Care service and maintenance contract this can be extended to 12 years, from as little as £7.99 per month.
    Will my new boiler save me money?
    Yes, according to the ‘Energy Saving Trust’ website replacing a G rated boiler with a new A rated boiler could save you as much as £580 per year for a detached property. For more information please read -
    Should I repair my boiler or replace it?
    Depending on the age of the boiler and the parts that have failed, this will determine if investing in a new boiler is right for you. For example if a heat exchanger has failed on a 20 year old boiler we would personally advise a new boiler would be best.
    What's the flue?
    This is almost like a “car exhaust”. The flue on a boiler allows all the fumes to pass out of the combustion chamber and allows fresh air into the boiler which is required for ignition.
    What is flow rate on a combi boiler?
    “Flow rate” is a measurement of the speed water comes out of your hot taps with a combi boiler. The larger the boiler is in “KW”, usually the greater the flow rates.
    What does KW mean?
    KW means Kilowatt. The greater the KW, the larger the boiler is. Typically larger homes would need a greater KW boiler.
    Do I need new radiators with my new boiler?
    We complete a chemical and hot flush as standard with all our new boiler installs. This will allow us to connect onto the existing heating system. New radiators are more efficient due to their design, so many of our customers do upgrade their radiators with Glow Green as part of a new boiler installation.
    What's a Magna clean filter?
    This is a magnetic filter installed with all our boiler installations. This will support removing debris and sludge from the heating system. With our Glow Care maintenance contact, this would be cleaned out as part of your boiler service.
    What's a limescale reducer?
    Inline limescale reducers are installed with all of our combination boilers as part of the package. This will support maintaining the correct PH levels to reduce limescale forming.
    What's the difference between a power flush and a chemical flush?
    A power flush is a deep clean of your system using a high pressure machine. It usually takes about a full day to complete. A chemical flush is a more natural clean using the same chemicals as a power flush, but using the pump in the boiler to circulate the chemicals around the system. Once the system is cleaned (both chemical flush or power flush) we use an inhibitor to prevent sludge from forming in the near future.
    Do you box in pipes after installation?
    Sorry, no. Boxing is not included in the quote at any time. This is not a service we provide. However you can always find a local reputable carpenter who will be able to help you with this.
    Is decorating around my new boiler included if the new boiler is smaller?
    Sorry, no. Decorating is not included in the quote at any time. We aim to ensure there is minimal disruption to your property when changing your boiler. Sometimes when the new boiler is smaller than the old one, you might have a minimal amount of decorating to do after.
    Will Glow Green take my old boiler away?
    Yes, included in the quote we dispose of any redundant materials from your boiler / heating installation in accordance with waste legislation and regulations.
    When does my new boiler get delivered?
    Your boiler will get delivered 1 day before the installation. It's your responsibility to ensure that once you have signed for the delivery it is stored safely, ready for the installation.
    What controller do I get with a combi boiler?
    With our combi boiler installation we install a Salus 520RF as part of the package. This is a boiler plus compliant controller, and is a wireless and programmable room thermostat. Don’t worry it’s easy to use and we will do a full handover on the day of completion.
    What is a combi boiler?
    A combi boiler, which is short for combination boiler, is considered the most efficient heating system. Today it is also the most popular system among the new boiler installations. It’s a compact system that provides both hot water and central heating directly through the boiler itself, removing the need for bulky tanks and cylinders.
    What is a system boiler?
    To put it simply, a system boiler is an advanced version of a conventional boiler. It works in a similar fashion by supplying the heating system directly and storing hot water in a cylinder, however it doesn’t require a water tank to provide pressure. It is great for homes that require instant access to hot water from multiple taps. It’s main benefit is that it frees up the space in your attic. The expansion vessel and other bits are already integrated into the system boiler – it is a more advanced appliance. Another upside is that this type can be used with a domestic thermal solar water heating system.
    What is a regular boiler?
    Depending on professional jargon used by a plumber, these will be known under a wide array of names, all of which are used to describe the same piece of equipment. They are often referred to as regular boilers, open vent or heat only – referring to the fact that they feed the central heating system while hot water is provided through a cylinder that stores heated water. If you have an unsightly expansion tank in your attic and a large water cylinder covered in green foam insulation, you’ve got a conventional boiler.
    Will the new installation make a mess?
    No, our engineer will lay down a clean dust sheet and usually a protective film on carpets if needed. Our engineers are trained to ensure your property is just as clean when we leave, as we found it.
    What are TRVs?
    TRV stands for Thermostatic Radiator Valve. These valves are located at the end of your radiator and enable you to control each room independently. This will help you save money on your gas bills as you can reduce the heat in unused rooms. We can supply and install TRVs as part of the installation. We usually install Drayton valves, which are arguably the best.
    What does ERP mean?
    The ERP means Energy Related Products. This label would tell you how effectively a boiler uses energy. It helps you to choose the most efficient appliances so you pay less on your energy bills. The label rates products from A+++ to G. A+++ is the most efficient boiler you can buy from Glow Green.
    Will Glow Green carry out an annual service?
    Yes - Once your new boiler is installed, you can sign up to our service and maintenance contract (Glow Care), you can pay monthly for this service. We will also remind you each year when it is due.

    Solar FAQs

    What is PV Solar?
    PV (Photovoltaics) are panels that produce electricity from solar energy. These are often mounted on the roof and facing towards the Sun. They capture the Sun's energy and convert it into renewable electricity. This electricity can then be used in our homes and sold to the electricity grid.
    How does PV Solar work?
    The Sun's energy is converted into DC electricity by PV Panels on the roof. An Inverter converts the DC Voltage in AC electricity that we use in our homes and businesses. A generation meter records its production. The generated electricity is then used by your home and its appliances during the daytime. Excess electricity not used during production is then sold back to your electricity provider or stored in a battery.
    What PV Solar accreditations do Glow Green hold?
    We are registered with The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). Through this registration was can sign off electrical work in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. The MicroGeneration Certification Scheme ( MCS ) is a mark of quality and competence of both ourselves and the products that we install. The Home Insulation and Energy Systems Quality Assurance Contractors Scheme (HIES) sets our high consumer protection standards for selling and installing renewable energy systems like PV Solar.
    What comes with a Glow Green PV Solar installation?
    When Glow Green supply and install, our customers will receive - Tier 1 & MCS approved solar panels. These will be installed on a roof / ground mounted system. An inverter - The inverter converts the DC into AC electricity which we can use in our homes. Isolator's - Before and after the inverter installation, isolators are installed for safety and maintenance. A battery storage system, which is optional. A generation meter - An OFGEM approved meter is used to record how much electricity has been generated. After the installation you will receive a full MCS handover pack so you can apply for a SEG Tariff.
    What is the best direction to install panels to optimise the Sun?
    In the Northern hemisphere, PV panels produce their most facing South, towards the Equator. PV Panels with consistent direct sunlight will produce the most electricity. The angle towards the south, pitch of the roof and shading will affect generation. Shading can affect production as PV panels protect themselves using bypass diodes. The location in Great Britain will also affect production. But PV Panels don't need to face south or have a perfect pitch to work.
    What Does KW Mean?
    KW means Kilowatt. The greater the KW, the larger the PV system and typically the greater the KW, the greater the energy generated from the Sun.
    What’s the difference between AC and DC electric?
    Solar Panels produce DC electricity which is different to the AC electricity we use in our homes. An Inverter is installed to convert the DC electricity to match your home's AC supply. DC (Direct Current) electricity flows in one direction, like a lightning bolt or a battery. AC (Alternating Current) electricity, changes direction multiple times a second. AC is used in our homes because it is safer and easier to transport across great distances. Our electricians therefore need to be well trained and hold multiple accreditations to work on PV systems.
    What are the benefits of PV Solar?
    Solar PV's can convert almost any day light into electricity, which we can then use for free. Generating your own electricity means that you will be buying less from your utility supplier. As the PV panels have no moving parts there is very little maintenance, noise or operating cost. They provide clean, green, renewable energy with zero emissions from their generation. The systems expected lifetime on most parts is over 25 years and you can sell your excess electricity back to the grid.
    How do Glow Green know how many panels will fit on my roof?
    We can complete a system design in a number of ways; Using Google Earth or similar Satellite tools, Our Account Managers are trained to use our bespoke solar design tools, We can design from existing house plans or architect drawings. We employ fully trained and certified electricians to sign off all designs to ensure they meet the highest of standards. All of our PV installers have additional qualifications to design, install and certificate PV systems.
    What is a PV solar inverter?
    An Inverter converts the variable DC electricity into stable AC electricity to be used in your property.
    Where should I have my Inverter fitted?
    Often sited in lofts, cooler air is better and most could even be installed outside. Our design team will run over the locations most suitable for your property when you get your quote.
    Will a solar diverter give me free hot water?
    These are intelligent devices that use the excess power generated by solar PV panels to heat an immersion in your hot water cylinder. Electricity not being used by your home can be used to heat a hot water cylinder rather than exporting the electricity to the grid. This can help to save your boiler from having to turn on, thus increasing a boiler's life and lowering your bills and maintenance. Some can also divert to a second cylinder, an electric towel rail, or even electric underfloor heating.
    Do I need planning permission?
    In most cases - No. Unless you live in a conservation area or listed building. It’s your responsibility to check and see if you do need any planning permission.
    I live in a listed building (or conservation area), is this an issue?
    If the property is not listed and does not lie within a conservation area, solar PV can be installed on the roof and is considered 'permitted development'. A conservation area is an area of historic or architectural interest that’s protected by law. Panels cannot be installed where they face, or are in between the property and a public highway. Unfortunately solar panels can't be installed on or within the boundary of a listed building. If either of the above applied, planning permission would need to be obtained, please contact your local planning authority.
    I have lots of shading, is this an issue?
    Shading on a PV Panel is a problem, as even one shaded cell could reduce the power output of the module or string to zero. Objects as small as a tree branch, a pipe, or a building on the horizon will cause a decline in the possible output of a panel. Systems need to be designed either away from shading, or with the shading in mind using a SolarEdge system to minimize the effect. Shading certainly shouldn't stop a system being installed, but production calculations will need to be adjusted where shading is affecting the system. Do not worry as we look at this as part of the free and no obligation design call.
    Will I need scaffolding and do Glow Green provide this?
    Yes. In most circumstances, scaffolding is needed to provide safe access to the roof for the installers. The scaffold also provides a platform for tools and materials to be stored during installation. The scaffold will normally be put up 2 days before the PV installation, and should come down a day or 2 after, during the working week. Glow Green will provide scaffolding as part of the quote.
    Is the structure of my roof OK to take the weight of PV panels?
    The size of a PV system is vital to determining if a rooftop is adequate. With an Array design determined, you will need to tell us and take photographs of the inside and outside of the roof. It's not just the weight we take into account but also the uplift from wind and snow loading. This can often be completed using our project calculator with a few details from you. Details of the existing roof are vital to a sound and long lasting installation. It is your responsibility to get your roof checked by a structural engineer should you have any doubt or concerns.
    What maintenance is needed after installation?
    PV systems by design require very little maintenance. Because there are no moving parts, very little or nothing is needed to enable operation. Panels could need cleaning if debris, droppings or grime gets on the panels. Glow Green does not provide this service, you can find a local cleaning company who will do this for you. Energy production should be checked often to ensure there hasn't been a failure. Visual inspections of the upkeep, alarms and adequacy of components installed. If the system changes ownership or if there is a requirement for a Periodic Inspection. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help.
    What is the Insurance backed warranty scheme?
    Deposit and Workmanship Warranty Insurance cover consists of two elements: 1: Installation Completion Insurance. Provides deposit payment protection for our customers for a 35-day period, should we be unable to either install or supply and install the PV system. 2: Workmanship Warranty Insurance. We even pay for an insurance backed warranty, to cover our customers for the installation in the event we cannot honor our written guarantee.
    What is SEG?
    The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) ensures PV generators are paid for the renewable electricity they export to the grid. Since January 1st 2020 applicants can now; Earn money for exporting excess renewable electricity, Choose the best tariff from competitive Utility Suppliers, Combine payments with other grants and financial support. To receive this export rate the PV system and the installer must be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), which Glow Green are.
    What is the pay back period?
    The pay back period is the time in which it takes for you to recoup your initial spend on your solar system.
    After the system is installed what paperwork do I get?
    Once you are happy with the installation and have paid your balance in full Glow Green will arrange the scaffolding to be removed and your MCS handover pack. This will ensure you can apply for SEG tariffs with a unity provider.
    How long are the quotes valid for and why?
    Our quotations are only valid for 30 days. This is due to the rising cost in materials due to the shortage of raw materials. Our suppliers review our prices every 30 days.
    What is a DNO?
    A DNO stands for a distribution network operator.
    What is a DNO application?
    If you want to install a system larger then 3.68kw then an application has to be made to your DNO. Due to the high output, they need to check that it will not cause any load issues on the National Grid. We will establish on the design call if you one is required, and if so Glow Green will submit this on your behalf.
    Who completes the DNO application?
    Glow Green completes the DNO, so there is nothing you need to do or worry about.
    Is there a charge for the DNO application?
    There can be a charge that depends on the size of the system being installed and the area.
    How long does the DNO application take to come back?
    This can be anything from 4 to 12 weeks. Typically we normally receive them back in 10 weeks. Glow Green will not install your PV system until the DNO application is passed and back.

    Air Conditioning FAQs

    What size air conditioning unit is needed?
    The size of the room or the area you are looking to cool will determine the size of the air conditioning unit. To ensure you have the best size unit we will need to understand how much light you also get, as this might affect the size.
    What do I get with an air conditioning system?
    Glow Green will supply and install an indoor and outdoor unit. For the indoor unit you have a choice of the unit being wall hung or a cassette unit. All our systems come with a remote control to operate the air conditioning system.
    Can I spread the cost?
    Yes, Glow Green is regulated by the FCA as a credit broker. This means we work with a panel of lenders that can supply you with finance. This means you can have your air conditioning fitted while paying nothing upfront.
    Where does the outside unit get installed?
    It does not matter where we install the outdoor unit to the air conditioning system. There are 2 main criteria this location must meet; a) You are the freeholder of the property or you have their permission to install the outdoor unit. b) There is at least 1m (metre) clearance around where the unit will be installed. To make your outdoor unit easy to install and to maintain in the future, we recommend that it is installed at low level.
    Do I need planning permission?
    If you are in a listed building or a conservation area you should check with your local planning authority. If you are installing multiple units at high level, planning permission might be required. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that should you require planning permission, this is granted before the installation. Glow Green Limited take no responsibility, should you need planning permission.
    What warranty do I get?
    Our Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Daikin units both come with a 7 year parts warranty, backed by the manufacturer.
    Can the air conditioning system be controlled by a app?
    Yes, selected Daikin models have built in WiFi control, which means you can operate your air conditioning unit through an app on your phone. When getting a quote, our account managers will run through the various options.
    What does KW mean?
    KW means Kilowatt. The greater the KW, the larger the air conditioning unit is. Typically larger or warmer rooms would need a greater KW air conditioning unit.
    What's the difference between the indoor unit types - wall mounted and cassette?
    Wall mounted units are installed on the wall and are the simplest installation type we do at Glow Green. If you do not want the unit to be installed on a wall and to be less visible, then a ceiling cassette is a better option. We can supply and install both.
    Can I have an air conditioning unit in a flat?
    Yes, normally we can install the unit in a flat if there is a subtle location for the outside unit. It is your responsibility to check with the freeholder that you have permission to install the unit if your flat is a leasehold.
    What's the best location for the inside unit?
    If you're installing a wall mounted unit then we recommend it's on an external wall. This is due to the condensation pipe that runs from the unit to a drain. If the wall mounted unit is installed on an internal wall, then a pump is required to drain the condensation. The pumps add extra cost to the installation. If you are having a cassette unit installed these are best located in a bedroom if you live in a house or bungalow. This is due to the clearance that the units need above them once installed.
    Do you install at commercial premises?
    Yes, we install at domestic and commercial premises.
    Do the air conditioning units provide heating too?
    Yes, the units are classed as air to air heat pumps. They can efficiently heat your air in the winter months.
    How long does the installation take?
    Typically we say the installation takes around 0.5 days per unit to be completed. So if you're having 4 units installed by Glow Green this will take 2 days to complete.

    EV Charger FAQs

    How does an EV charger work?
    An Electrical Vehicle (EV) needs to be charged via an electric charging point. New EVs often come with a conventional 3 pin plug (Mode 2 charging). In Mode 2 chargers, because they provide 10 amps or less, an electric car takes a long time to charge. We supply Mode 3 charging connections, which are a permanent fixture, and range from 13 to 32 amps, more than halving the charge time of your EV. The manufacturers we install include smart technology to maximise charging and safety, whilst minimising wasted electricity consumption.
    What brand of EV charger does Glow Green install?
    Myenergi Zappi.
    How much would it cost to run?
    For a typical electric car with a 60kWh battery and around 200 mile range, charging at home costs about £ 4.50 for a full charge, based on a Electric Vehicle Tariff of 7.5p per kWh of electricity. This is about 8 times cheaper than the cost of an average diesel car based on £ 1.82/litre . Annual tax and maintenance costs (MOTs and servicing) for electric vehicles are also 23 per cent lower than petrol models. **Diesel based on RAC website 26/08/22 **Servicing based on RAC website 26/08/22 **A study by Go Ultra Low1 found service and maintenance costs can be up to 23 percent lower for electric cars over a typical three-year, 60,000-mile ownership period.
    How long will my car take to charge?
    The time it takes to charge an electric car can be as little as 30 minutes or more than 12 hours. Most drivers top up charge rather than waiting for their battery to recharge from empty-to-full. The time depends on the size of the battery and the speed of the charging point. A typical fully electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point.
    What do I get with the EV charger package?
    You will get a complete supply and installation package from Glow Green when you proceed with our EV charger service. This will also include a full handover on how to use your chosen EV charger.
    What does EV mean?
    EV stands for Electrical Vehicle.
    Will I see a cable run on the outside of my house?
    Usually we would need to run a cable on the outside of your house from the electrical consumer unit to the EV charger.
    What does KW mean?
    KW means Kilowatt. The greater the KW, the larger the EV charger unit is and the quicker your car or van will charge.
    What warranty do I get with my EV Charger?
    Our EV chargers come with a free manufacturer backed product warranty. This will be provided on your quotation from your Glow Green account manager.
    Can anyone use my charger once fitted, or just me?
    Providing they have the correct connector, other people will be able to charge their Electric Vehicle using your charger.
    Does my EV charger need WiFi?
    Yes you will require WiFi in your property so you can control the manufacturers app. We recommend that before the installation you use a phone or tablet to connect to your WiFi at your chosen location of your EV unit. If you cannot connect, do not worry as you can buy a WiFi booster. If you need a WiFi booster, we recommend that you source and install this before we arrive if possible.
    Do I need to service the EV charger once it is installed?
    No. There is no annual service required. If you have any issues with your unit, simply call us and we will be happy to help.
    Do you offer finance for EV chargers?
    Yes, we do offer finance on our EV chargers, with no deposit required. This will be detailed on the quotation and you can ask your account manager for more finance information.
    Do I need planning permission to install an EV charger?
    No, typically planning permission is not required. If you live in a listed building or conservation area you should check with your local authority.
    How long will it take to install an EV Charger?
    Typically it will take 0.5 to 1 day to install a single EV charger.
    If I move, can I take the EV charger to my new home?
    Yes, but you will need a fully qualified electrician to safely remove the EV unit and to install it at your new property.

    Battery Storage FAQs

    What is battery storage?
    Battery storage systems for homes and businesses are essential to support the growing renewable energy generation market and see the replacement of fossil fuels. Lithium-ion batteries like those in our mobile phones or electric cars are the dominant solution to store energy for when we need it, rather than trying to use it when it's being generated. The Sun isn't always shining and wind isn't always blowing, so to manage our own homes or businesses electricity supply, we can now install highly efficient, smart battery systems. We can then either use a PV system to generate what we need, storing the excess for later, or purchase electricity at its cheapest and store it. Energy Storage Systems are designed to be supplied from AC or DC electricity for AC coupled storage, or DC coupled storage.
    What is a Tesla Powerwall 2?
    Tesla's PowerWall 2 is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and could automatically become your home's energy source when the grid goes down. The Powerwall's energy capacity is 13.5 kWh, more than enough energy to take the average home off the grid for over 24 hours, with 100% depth of discharge and a 90% round trip efficiency. Unlike generators, Powerwall keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel or noise. Pair with solar and recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days. Use Powerwall alone or combine it with other renewable products to reduce your carbon footprint and prepare your home for power outages. Powerwall reduces your reliance on the grid by storing your solar energy for use when the Sun isn’t shining. With easy installation and a minimalist design, Powerwall complements a variety of home styles. The compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces. With the Tesla app, you can monitor your home’s energy production and consumption in real time. Set your preferences to optimise for energy independence, outage protection or savings. With instant alerts and remote access, you can control your system from anywhere.
    What solar batteries do you provide?
    Glow Green work is partnership with Tesla, GiveEnergy and Puredrive. Our most popular batteries are from Puredrive.
    Do I get a warranty?
    Yes, all the batteries we supply and install come with a free manufacturer backed warranty. Your account manager at Glow Green will provide you with this on the quote.
    Should I get a solar battery as part of my solar installation?
    We would always recommend you have a battery fitted as part of your solar installation, but these can also be added by us at a later date.
    How long does it take to fit the battery?
    A battery installation will take between 0.5 days and 1 day per battery fitted.
    How does an AC battery work?
    Battery systems store energy for use when you want to use it. It also gives you the option of deciding when and where you buy your electricity from. Because we can't control how much electricity is generated by many renewable generators, the grid often has more electricity than it needs. It's at these times some utility suppliers have tariffs whereby a homeowner can purchase electricity very cheaply to help stabilise the electricity grid. By storing this and adding your own excess generated electricity, you can see huge savings on your electricity bill and even turn a profit by selling it back to the grid at times of peak usage.
    What does KW mean?
    KW means Kilowatt. The greater the KW, the larger the battery storage is.
    Where do the batteries get installed?
    The batteries can be installed in a variety of places, but generally closer to the incoming supply and consumer unit is best. They can even be installed outside as they are weatherproof. The batteries are reasonably large - between 0.5 and 1.5 meters sq per battery. Systems can provide up to 5 kilowatts at a time, comfortable enough for your homes LED lights and sockets in normal usage. While one Powerwall or Puredrive battery could be sufficient to power a typical home in Great Britain, multiple batteries would allow for more load or longer times of backup power. The batteries have a pump and fan that produce a gentle hum during operation, comparable to a typical refrigerator
    What’s the payback period?
    If you're having a PV system installed by Glow Green, or already have PV fitted then the generated electricity that you don't use would go back to the grid without a battery. Installing an AC coupled battery like Tesla's , GivEnergy's or Puredrive's will give you the option to save that electricity for use when the Sun isn't shining, providing a saving from buying electricity. This saving on your electricity bill helps to pay for the battery supply and installation over time. If you are selling your generated electricity for 5p/kWh but buying it for 17p/kWh, then you are paying more than triple to buy than to sell. Smart batteries like ours can also be set up to buy and sell electricity through Smart Tariffs like Octopus Energy's "Outgoing Octopus" to maximise savings and earnings.
    Can I add more batteries at a later date?
    Yes, you can always add a solar battery to your PV system at a later date.

    Heat Pump FAQs

    What is a heat pump?
    An air source heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air into a liquid refrigerant at a low temperature. Using electricity, the pump then compresses the liquid to increase it's temperature. It then condenses back into a liquid to release it's stored heat. Heat is sent to your radiators or underfloor heating to then heat your home.
    What happens after I register my interest with Glow Green?
    Once Glow Green are installing in your area, we will contact you to provide you with a free no obligation quote.
    Is my home suitable for a heat pump?
    There are many factors to consider when installing a heat pump. When Glow Green has launched this service in your area we will complete a full system design to see if your property is suitable. In the meantime if you're looking for a hydrogen ready gas boiler, please use our free quote tool and talk to our account managers.
    When will Glow Green install heat pumps in my area?
    Glow Green will have full UK coverage within 2023.
    Is the VAT rate 0%?
    Yes, the Government have set the current VAT rate for heat pump installations at 0%, meaning it's never been a better time to consider a heat pump.