Published on 24th May 2017

More Smart Devices to Integrate with Google Home

Recent announcements made by LG and Geeni technology firms offer encouragement for consumers who think that the current range of smart home appliances is limited to smart thermostats and CCTV cameras.

If you’re after the ideal smart home with most rooms and functions connected in a perfect synergy, there aren’t really that many devices that you can currently purchase, however, it is soon about to change with both tech startups and established engineering giants joining the IoT game.

LG recently announced that they were about to strike a partnership with Google to offer full Google Home compatibility with their own smart appliances that include fridges, ovens, air quality management devices, washing machines and even robotic hoovers. The aforementioned list is not exhaustive. There are more supported devices that Google can keep up with, so check a more user-friendly compatibility list here.

It’s great news for IoT geeks as they will now be able to command their LG devices through Google Home voice controls telling their air purifier to turn on or making sure the floors get cleaned at certain intervals.

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This just shows how simple and quick an integration is when the manufacturer listens to their potential customers. It’s likely that more manufacturers will follow LG’s example by making an effort to open their devices to Google Home and other virtual assistants.

The other bit of good news we can share comes from Geeni – a smart device company making smart light bulbs, energy meters, surge protectors and smart plugs with USB charging ports. Most Geeni smart products were already compatible with Amazon Alexa and conventional Wi-Fi networks regardless of make and model, however from now on they will roll out support for Google Home as well.

Consumers will have an option to control Geeni IoT devices individually or bundle them in groups and control a group to save time having to provide settings for each device. Offering an ability to control the smart plugs and bulbs by issuing voice commands to the Google Home speaker will make the Geeni devices more appealing to mass market giving the much needed boost to the smart home sector.