Published on 28th June 2017

Smart Windows Will Help You Reduce Your Heating Bill

You can hardly surprise people with smart devices and other IoT gadgets, however, this new development is something entirely new – we’re talking about an emerging sub-discipline of IoT which is smart surfaces. It encompass a new generation of materials that are able to change their properties instigated by an external impulse. This particular example is called Oline and it’s a smart window created by a French company Sunpartner Technologies.

The Oline windows are double-glazed window pack enhanced with a sun-blocker and built-in blinds. The smart glass gets lighter or darker depending on the amount of sunlight falling on the smart surface. It maintains transparency, however. It works similarly as the drivers’ sunglasses. You can also regulate the amount of sunlight entering the rooms remotely. It’s a great way to control the ambient heating meaning that you won’t be relying on your central heating boiler or air-con as much as you used to.

Of course, such capabilities require electricity to operate but worry not, Oline smart windows come with photovoltaic integrated. The photovoltaic cells capture UV rays and convert them to eco-friendly electricity. It all comes integrated with both the control panel and the blinds built within the window frame.

The new system helps you reduce your energy bills and also make the inhabitants more comfortable by reducing the glare and overheating from sunlight.

Although the technology is fresh out of a lab, Sunpartner Technologies have already installed 10 square meters of panelling including their patented semi-transparent photovoltaic called WYSIPS. Although, initially it looks like office buildings are the best candidates for the smart windows technology, there is no reason why we couldn’t use the same system for residential properties. Especially as the modern architecture evolves towards increasing the glassed surface often featuring glass walls or ceiling.