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Why solar makes sense

There are many reasons to consider PV Solar panels to lower your energy costs. Here are just a few:

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Reduce your dependence on the National Grid

A PV Solar System can significantly reduce your dependence on the National Grid, particularly when you include a battery. And even more importantly, you can slash your energy bill by around 70% - or even more for some households.

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Generate income by selling your surplus power

Any surplus energy can be sold back to your energy supplier - reducing your bills even further.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Lessen your carbon footprint

Choosing to power your home using renewable energy helps to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

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Heat your own water

By adding a Solar Diverter to your PV Solar System, you'll make your house even more efficient. It's a much greener way to get hot water, reducing your gas bill too.

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Why Customers Love Glow Green

Up to 30 Year Product Warranty
Product Warranty

Our PV solar panels come with up to 30 years warranty for complete peace of mind.

Low Prices

As one of the UK's leading Solar Suppliers you'll benefit from our huge buying power and an unbeatable Price Match Guarantee.


We are proud to be members of NICEIC and HIES, so you are in safe hands.

MCS Certified

We are MCS certified. This ensures that your installation will be completed to the highest standard, and you can sell your surplus energy back to the grid.

Award Winning
Award Winning

We regularly win awards for customer satisfaction, and we're rated "great" on TrustPilot

Qualified Electricians
Qualified Electricians

All electrical work is undertaken by fully qualified, registered & accredited Electricians.

Rapid Installations
Rapid Installations

Our team of expert local engineers will install your new PV system typically within 2 - 4 weeks.

Quality Control
Quality Control

100% of our installations are audited to ensure full compliance.

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Takes less than 60 seconds Low Prices Fast, Free & Secure

Solar FAQs

What is PV Solar?
PV (Photovoltaics) are panels that produce electricity from solar energy. These are often mounted on the roof and facing towards the Sun. They capture the Sun's energy and convert it into renewable electricity. This electricity can then be used in our homes and sold to the electricity grid.
How does PV Solar work?
The Sun's energy is converted into DC electricity by PV Panels on the roof. An Inverter converts the DC Voltage in AC electricity that we use in our homes and businesses. A generation meter records its production. The generated electricity is then used by your home and its appliances during the daytime. Excess electricity not used during production is then sold back to your electricity provider or stored in a battery.
What PV Solar accreditations do Glow Green hold?
We are registered with The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). Through this registration was can sign off electrical work in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. The MicroGeneration Certification Scheme ( MCS ) is a mark of quality and competence of both ourselves and the products that we install. The Home Insulation and Energy Systems Quality Assurance Contractors Scheme (HIES) sets our high consumer protection standards for selling and installing renewable energy systems like PV Solar.
What comes with a Glow Green PV Solar installation?
When Glow Green supply and install, our customers will receive - Tier 1 & MCS approved solar panels. These will be installed on a roof / ground mounted system. An inverter - The inverter converts the DC into AC electricity which we can use in our homes. Isolator's - Before and after the inverter installation, isolators are installed for safety and maintenance. A battery storage system, which is optional. A generation meter - An OFGEM approved meter is used to record how much electricity has been generated. After the installation you will receive a full MCS handover pack so you can apply for a SEG Tariff.
What is the best direction to install panels to optimise the Sun?
In the Northern hemisphere, PV panels produce their most facing South, towards the Equator. PV Panels with consistent direct sunlight will produce the most electricity. The angle towards the south, pitch of the roof and shading will affect generation. Shading can affect production as PV panels protect themselves using bypass diodes. The location in Great Britain will also affect production. But PV Panels don't need to face south or have a perfect pitch to work.

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