Terms & Conditions


These terms & conditions came into effect from 1st December 2023.

  1. The Refer a Friend Programme enables customers of the Glow Green to earn a one-off monetary amount by recommending Glow Green to potential new customers, provided that they meet the conditions set out in the clauses below and have registered on the Glow Green Refer a Friend portal.

  2. Customers who introduce new customers (a ‘Referral’) to Glow Green using the Refer a Friend Portal who subsequently

  1. accept a quotation from the Glow Green Sales team; and
  2. have any quoted product(s) installed by Glow Green,

will receive a one-off monetary amount for each new customer they have referred, provided that the new customer has paid in full for their installed product(s).

  1. To be eligible for a monetary payment for Successful Referrals, customers must not have an outstanding balance on their account on the date the payment is due to be made.

  2. Existing Glow Green customers with an active customer journey will be considered ineligible to be a Referral. By “active customer journey” we mean that Glow Green has already quoted them for the same product within the last 28 days or that they have already accepted a quotation.

  3. The referring customer must notify and obtain consent from the Referral prior to providing the Referral’s information to Glow Green on the Refer a Friend Portal. By providing the details of the referral on the Refer a Friend Portal they undertake that they have done so. The Glow Green Sales team member will inform the Referral when they are first contacted of the referring customer’s name. We process Referrals’ and referring customers’ information in accordance with our privacy notice.

  4. The one-off monetary amount will be as follows:

  1. For Boiler, Air Conditioning and Battery referrals the monetary amount is £100 for a successful referral;
  2. For Renewables referrals the monetary amount is £250 for a successful referral;
  1. Customers who are eligible for the one-off monetary amount will be required to provide their bank account details on the Refer a Friend portal in order for the payment to be made. Payment will be made within 14 days of the Referral meeting the above criteria.

  2. We reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time, and such amendments will take effect from the date they are published on our website.