Last Updated on 23rd August 2022

Energy Efficiency Tips

Close your curtains at dusk

This will help prevent heat escaping through the windows.

Lower Thermostat

Is your water too hot? Your cylinder thermostat shouldn’t need to be set higher than 60°C/ 140°F.


A house can leak around 25% of heat through the roof. A properly insulated loft space can make a world of difference.

Don't be a drip

A dripping hot water tap wastes energy and in one week wastes enough hot water to fill half a bath! So call us immediately and let us save you money.

Power Flush

Power flushing your boiler and heating system can increase its efficiency.

Embrace Modern Technology

Implementing a smart thermostat and other IoT devices, as well as replacing your old boiler with a new A-rated boiler will reduce your carbon footprint and make your home more energy efficient.

Check More Detailed Tips

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