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Last Updated on 10th April 2024

Solar Panel Installers Somerset

When it comes to embracing renewable energy, installing solar panels on your property in Somerset is a savvy move. Have you thought about the benefits? Not only could you significantly cut your carbon footprint, helping to tackle climate change, but you could also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a lower energy bill. Consider it an investment in both your financial future and the wellbeing of the planet.

A team of solar panel installers in Somerset is seen working on a rooftop, securing panels and connecting wiring. The sun shines brightly in the background, highlighting the sustainable energy project

Choosing the right solar panel installer is key. It's about more than just the price; it's the quality of service, the reliability of the products, and the knowledge that you're dealing with experts. After all, no one wants to be left with a botched job. Sometimes, finding top-notch solar panel installers can be a bit like sifting for gold, but once you've struck the right company, the process becomes a smooth sail. Have you given thought to how this could change your life?

Key Takeaways

  • Glow Green are the top pick for best solar panel installer in Somerset.
  • Wessex ECOEnergy & Solar Sun & Air come in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  • Companies compared and reviewed based on rigirious research of over 100 solar panel installers in Somerset

Top 10 Best Solar Panel Installers in Somerset

When you're mulling over who to pick for installing solar panels on your Somerset home, mate, you've got a whole bunch of skilled installers to choose from. Trust me, these guys know their photovoltaics from their inverters, and they've been around the block enough times to have this solar panel installation lark down to a fine art.

Let's have a butcher's at the crème de la crème of solar panel installers that Somerset's got to offer, shall we? These installers aren't just good; they're top-notch, and they've got buckets of experience in slapping up solar panels to make your home a bit more renewable.

RankCompanyRatingReview Count
1Glow Green⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐8,500
2Wessex ECOEnergy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐68
3Solar Sun & Air⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐26
4My Home Solar⭐⭐⭐⭐37
5SolarGain Ltd⭐⭐⭐⭐10
6Solar South West Ltd⭐⭐⭐⭐5
7Go Green Solar Ltd⭐⭐⭐26
9Green Acre Renewable⭐⭐⭐9
10EWS Solar Power⭐⭐4

Data collected from Trustpilot and google my business profiles is correct as of 10/04/24. Data will be checked and verified every 6 months. Ranking table is based on volume of reviews, review sentiment, review mentions of customer service, expertise, breadth of services offered, coverage area and years of trading.

1. Glow Green

Glow Green⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐8,5002011

With over 12 years of successful trading and 50,000+ satisfied customers, Glow Green stands out as one of the UK's top providers of energy efficient products including solar PV systems. They boast an impressive portfolio offering new boilers, air conditioning, EV chargers, solar batteries, and heat pumps alongside solar.

Glow Green's expert account managers provide personalized service tailored to each customer's needs. Their engineers are local, friendly, and deliver hassle-free professional installations. With some of the best warranties and finance options in the market, plus a commitment to quality and sustainability, it's no wonder Glow Green is a leader in their field.

- UK’s Lowest Prices
- Long warranties up to 30 years
- Free Expert Advice
- Long manufacturer warranties
- Excellent finance options
- Highly trained local engineers
- Hassle-free installation

2. Wessex ECOEnergy

Wessex ECOEnergy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐68

Wessex ECOEnergy is a standout solar installer serving Somerset and surrounding areas. As a technology-focused firm, they truly understand how to harness solar power effectively. Their in-roof solar systems are a particular specialty, blending seamlessly into rooftops for enhanced curb appeal while delivering top-notch performance. Wessex ECOEnergy uses only the best products and their quality workmanship is second to none.

Customers rave about their professionalism, communication, and attention to detail throughout projects. With a team passionate about sustainable living, you can trust Wessex ECOEnergy to guide you through going solar with ease.

3. Solar Sun & Air

Solar Sun & Air⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐26

Solar Sun & Air excels at custom solar installations in Bristol. Their skilled team, quality products, and stellar customer service make adopting sustainable energy easy.

4. My Home Solar

My Home Solar⭐⭐⭐⭐37

My Home Solar makes renewable energy accessible with high-quality solar installations across Somerset. Their passionate team provides exceptional service and tailored solutions.

5. SolarGain Ltd

SolarGain Ltd⭐⭐⭐⭐21

6. Solar South West Ltd

Solar South West Ltd⭐⭐⭐⭐5

7. Go Green Solar Ltd

Go Green Solar Ltd⭐⭐⭐26

8. SolarSense


9. Green Acre Renewable

Green Acre Renewable⭐⭐⭐9

10. EWS Solar Power

EWS Solar Power⭐⭐4

How We Selected the Best Solar Panel Companies in Somerset

A group of solar panel experts reviewing and comparing company profiles and performance data in a bright, modern office setting

When you're looking for top-notch solar panel installers in Somerset, several critical factors come into play, and that's exactly what we've focused on to help you out.


  • Looked for companies with years of hands-on experience in solar installations.
  • Favoured installers that have a track record in both residential and commercial projects.
ExperienceExtensive hands-on installation experience


  • Sought after firms with positive testimonials and high ratings on platforms like Trust Pilot.
  • Relied on feedback from Somerset locals who've had solar panels fitted.
ReputationPositive feedback, high ratings


  • Chosen companies must have MCS certification and be accredited with relevant bodies.
  • Trustmark and other UK-specific certifications were mandatory.
AccreditationsMCS, Trustmark and more


  • Prioritised firms that provide a wide range of solar products tailored to your needs.
  • Looked for comprehensive services, from consultation to installation and maintenance.
OfferingsWide range of solar products and services


  • Handpicked companies offering solid warranties that protect your investment.
  • Emphasised long-term warranty options for added peace of mind.
WarrantiesComprehensive, long-term coverage


  • Ensured all companies carry the right level of insurance to safeguard your property.
  • Checked for both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
InsuranceAdequate coverage for property and installation

Pricing / Value

  • Searched for competitive pricing that doesn't skimp on quality.
  • Value for money is crucial; we want you getting the best bang for your buck!
Pricing / ValueCompetitive, offering excellent value

Availability / Coverage

  • Zeroed in on installers with broad availability across Somerset.
  • Considered firms that can respond quickly to your needs and schedule.
Availability / CoverageWide-ranging, responsive

Quality / Expertise

  • Selected only those with proven expertise in the latest solar technologies.
  • Evaluated the quality of components and the skill level of the technicians.
Quality / ExpertiseHigh-tech expertise, superior components

Remember, it's your money we're talking about. You want trusty professionals who'll do the job right and make sure your investment in solar energy pays off. So, when you choose, go for the best, and don't settle for less!

How to Find Solar Panel Installers in Somerset

A sunny county landscape with houses and rooftops, some with solar panels installed. A sign or advertisement for solar panel installers in Somerset

When you're considering the leap to solar PV, getting the right installer is key for a hassle-free installation. You want professionals who know their stuff and make your switch to clean electricity smooth. Here's how you can scout them out in Somerset.

Local Newspapers

  • Check the classifieds section for adverts from local solar companies.
  • Installers often run promotions here, offering discounts or free consultations.

Local Directories

  • Thumb through printed directories, like the Yellow Pages, for a list of installers.
  • These directories categorise local businesses, making it easier for you to find professionals in solar panel installation.

Google Maps

  • Simply type "solar panel installers in Somerset" into Google Maps.
  • It'll show you a bunch of places, complete with reviews and how to get there.
Google MapsDirections & Reviews

Review Websites

  • Websites like Checkatrade showcase solar panel installation services and customer feedback.
  • You can weigh up the pros and cons, all from what other Somerset dwellers are saying.
CheckatradeReviews & Ratings

Social Media

  • Join local Somerset Facebook groups and ask for installer recommendations.
  • Folks love to share their good (and bad) experiences – use it to your advantage.
Social MediaRecommendations

Benefits of Going Solar

Have you ever pondered the perks of harnessing solar energy for your Somerset home? Let's face it, with energy prices soaring, finding ways to cut down on bills is a no-brainer, right? Here's how you can do just that and more:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: Solar panels turn sunlight into power for your gaff. That means less draw from the national grid and more money in your pocket.
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint: Solar power is renewable, producing no nasty emissions. It's like making your home a green superhero.
  • Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Scheme: Although the UK FIT scheme closed to new applicants in March 2019, there are smart export guarantee schemes around that pay you for surplus energy you shove back into the grid. Quite handy, eh?
  • Boost Home Value: Homes with solar panels? They're hot property. Potential buyers love the idea of lower energy costs.

You might be thinking: yeah, but what about cloudy days? Solar panels nowadays are designed to cope with the British weather, delivering efficient performance come rain or shine. Need a tailored setup? Professional installers will sort you out, taking your home's design into account to maximise that sweet sunshine.

Worried about maintenance? Relax, solar panel upkeep is minimal. And with robust warranties, you're covered if things go south.

BenefitWhat It Means for You
Reduced Energy BillsMore dosh for the fun stuff.
Carbon Footprint ReductionDoing your bit for Mother Earth.
Possible Income OpportunitiesEarn a quid or two from surplus energy.
Home Value IncreaseA shrewd investment for future profit.

Thinking of making the switch? It's not just about saving pennies or doing your part for the environment. It's a statement, a commitment to a better, cleaner future. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to brag about their eco-friendly gaff?

Understanding the Solar Panel Installation Process

A team of solar panel installers in Somerset carefully position and secure solar panels onto a residential rooftop. The sun shines brightly as they connect the panels to the electrical system

Before you leap into harnessing solar energy, it's essential to grasp the installation process. From pinpointing the ideal installer to connecting your system to the grid, each step matters.

Choosing the Right Installer

Selecting a capable and qualified solar panel installer is your first step towards a future powered by solar. Look for a team with a strong presence in Somerset, Dorset, or Wiltshire with:

  • Regional experience for tailored advice
  • Demonstrated qualifications and customer feedback
Local ExperienceHigh – ensures installer understands regional weather and regulations
QualificationsEssential – confirms the installer's competency
Customer FeedbackImportant – offers insight into their installation experience

Evaluating Your Home's Suitability for Solar

Your dwelling needs a thorough survey to ensure it's fit for solar panel installations. Key factors include:

  • Roof orientation and inclination
  • Potential shading from surroundings
  • Structural integrity
Roof OrientationSouth-facing is ideal for UK homes
ShadingMinimal shading ensures maximum solar gain
Structural IntegrityMust support the weight of solar panel fittings

Understanding the Installation Timeline

Getting solar panels fitted isn't a spur-of-the-moment decision. You're looking at:

  • Initial consultation and survey scheduling
  • Design and approval phase
  • Actual fitting of the panels, which can span several days
Consultation1–2 weeks for appointment setup
Design and ApprovalVaries, often 2–4 weeks
InstallationTypically, this takes 1-3 days

Post-Installation: Getting Connected to the Grid

Once the panels are securely in place, presumably by a friendly team from Somerset or Devon, the final steps include:

  • Safety checks and system testing
  • Arranging grid connection with local authorities
  • Setting up system monitoring for optimisation
StepAction Needed
Safety ChecksPerformed by a qualified professional
Grid ConnectionCoordination with local energy provider
System MonitoringInstallation of monitoring hardware/software

Remember, mate, solar power's a brilliant choice, but like any big decision, it's got its hoops to jump through. Hopefully, you're feeling clued-up about what's to come. And hey, the sun's not going anywhere, so take your moment to plan it right.

How can I find a reputable solar panel fitter in Somerset?

Track down a savvy solar fitter by scoping out companies with a solid rep and the right credentials. Experience counts, and those with local know-how in Somerset are gold. A neat trick is to look at, a platform that compares local solar panel companies.

What're the indicators of a top-notch solar panel installer around here, any recommendations?

When you're after a tip-top installer, keep your peepers peeled for:

  • Solid track record with shining customer reviews.
  • Certifications out the wazoo, think MCS and RECC.
  • Warranties that show they'll back up their bish bash bosh.

Lookin' to save a few quid, so what price range am I looking at for installing solar panels in Somerset?

Costs can be a right jigsaw, but typically:

  • You're lookin' at a ballpark of £4,000-£6,000 for a standard gaff.
  • The price can hopscotch higher based on panel quality and how hefty your energy needs are. For the best deals in Somerset, you might wanna have a butcher's at Somerset Solar Installers they might sort you out.

Anyone had a bash at fitting their own solar panels in Somerset? How did that go and what should I watch out for?

DIY solar's no walk in the park:

  • You'll be wrangling with high-voltage gear; don't get zapped.
  • The paperwork's a beast: planning permission, building regs, you name it.
  • Botch the job and you're out of pocket with no warranty. Mate, it's a lot less faff to leave it to the pros.

What sort of maintenance headaches am I signing up for with these solar panels, eh?

Good news, mate:

  • Solar panels are tougher than old boots, with scant upkeep.
  • Just keep 'em clean and let the rain do its thing.
  • A regular once-over by a pro keeps them ship-shape.

So, I've heard mixed things. Is it actually worth the hassle to switch to solar energy in Somerset?

Here's the rub:

  • Somerset gets a decent dollop of sun, so it's ripe for solar.
  • Chuck in lower bills and the feel-good eco vibes, it's a right corker.
  • Btw, solar adds a tidy sum to your house value. Now smash those energy bills and give Mother Earth a hug, why don't ya?