Last Updated on 23rd August 2022

Why are Electric Combi Boilers Gaining Popularity

Electric combi boilers have gained popularity for strong reasons. Many people convert their conventional gas boilers with the electric ones as it provides more comforts and irresistible advantages. If you’re still hesitating to install one, you may want to check the advantages offered by an electric boiler below which are also the reasons why it’s so popular today.

No Noise

Unlike the generic gas heater, an electric combi boiler generates no noise when heating the water or as it’s operating. It remains silent as there are minimum moving parts in the electric boiler system. You can say goodbye to a noisy gas boiler which could have been very annoying for some people. It’s also a sign of a problem if you’re hearing a noise in an operating electric boiler.

More Affordable Installation

If you’re moving to a house with no gas grid, installing meters of gas pipelines can increase even dominate your heating installation. Installing an electric boiler as your water heating system would be way cheaper installation cost. It generates no emissions of which you need to prepare the wastage installation. The electric boiler itself could be a little bit expensive but the installation is very simple and cheap as it only covers the water source pipe and output.

Light Maintenance Requirements

Electric combi boilers require very low maintenance, you can say goodbye to the regular ones. As previously mentioned, a new electric boiler has minor moving or mechanical parts which are the casual targets of repairs and replacements. This way, you can also save maintenance expenses and keep peace of the mind. The electric combi boilers fit modern lifestyle well.

Saving Space by Using Electric Combi Boilers

Today’s electric boilers come in a compact size so you can save space in the installation area. It even fits well a tiny flat but provides reliable performance. The compact size allows an electric boiler to be installed nearby your bathroom and be a part of an interior appliance with such a stylish LED display. Yes, many electric boiler products have a modern and contemporary design. You would no longer need to check the basement to check or configure the water heating performance.

Digital Display and Control

Today’s electric boiler products are leaving analog controls and mostly feature a digital display of the temperature. As you might have known that conventional gas boiler leaves you with no clue while indeed they allow you to control the heat but no with the temperature and you even don’t have such basic information. An electric boiler allows you not only to view the temperature but also control it conveniently.