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Published on 5th December 2023

Best Solar Panels in the UK

It's a truth universally acknowledged: when it comes to harnessing the blazing power of the sun, those shiny solar panels are the bee's knees. Demand in the UK for solar panels, those nifty little devices that gloriously slash our energy bills, has skyrocketed. 

So rest assured, you're in the right place to join the masses enjoying the benefits of solar energy here in the UK.

inspecting and reviewing the best solar panels in the UK

Compare The Best Solar Panels

ModelAvg. RatingPrice RangePower OutputEfficiencyProduct WarrantyPerformance Warranty
Perlight NTA4.99/5£175 - £225415W - 430W22.28%30 years30 years
Perlight Delta4.99/5£180 - £200405W - 425W21.4%30 years30 years
Trina Solar Vertex S4.69/5£150 - £225405W - 435W21.8%25 years30 years
Project Solar Evolution Elite 4004.40/5£350400W21.2%Lifetime30 years
SunPower Maxeon 34.77/5£350415W - 430W22.7%40 years40 years
LG Neon R Prime4.73/5£350 - £500350W - 370W21.5%25 years25 years
Sharp SunSnap ND-F2Q2354.2/5£300235W14.4%25 years25 years
LG NeON H BiFacial4.73/5£350 - £500430W - 455W19.8%25 years25 years
JA Solar 555W PERC4.76/5£350550W21.5%12 yearsN/A
Jinko Tiger Neo 420W4.78/5£170400W - 420W21.5%25 years30 years

Key takeaways:

  • Top rated panels are Perlight NTA, Perlight Delta, and Jinko Tiger Neo 420W
  • Highest efficiency panels are Perlight NTA, SunPower Maxeon 3, and JA Solar 555W PERC
  • Longest warranties are offered by SunPower Maxeon 3 (40 years) and Project Solar Evolution Elite 400 (lifetime product warranty)
  • Wide range of prices from £170 up to £500

Top 10 Best Solar Panels In The UK

our top pick for best solar panel the perlight n type

Perlight NTA (N-Type)

Model:Perlight NTA (N-Type)
Average Rating:4.99/5
Price Range:£175 - £225
Power Output:415W - 430W
Product Warranty:30 years
Performance Warranty:30 years

Allow me to introduce you to a genuine game-changer for the world of solar panels – the unforgettable Perlight NTA 430W, a product of the reliable Westech Solar UK Ltd.

Let's dive right in and explore the reasons that put it ahead of the pack. 

Quick takeaway: 

  • Perlight NTA 430W utilises n-type cells, known for their resistance to Light Induced Degradation (LID). In other words, they churn out more power.
  • Tested and certified to withstand wind loads up to 2400 Pa and snow loads up to 5400 Pa. That's resilience, people!
  • Exemplary PID (Potential-induced degradation) resistance, thanks to optimised production processes and careful materials usage.
  • High efficiency rates (more on that later) mean more power generation from the same amount of sunlight. Clever, right?

Pros and Cons of Perlight N Type

  • Due to goof-proof n-type cells, Perlight NTA 430W is a power-generating machine, even in low light conditions.
  • Built tough to withstand challenging environments: think coastal cliffs and harsh deserts.
  • Certified against extreme weather conditions, with impressive wind and snow resistance. No fair-weather friend, this one!
  • Excellent PID resistance ensures longevity and stability. Useful, since I hear the sun isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • May present a higher initial investment compared to some other panels.

second place for best solar panel the perlight delta

Perlight Delta

Model:Perlight Delta
Average Rating:4.99/5
Price Range:£180 - £200
Power Output:405W - 425W
Product Warranty:30 Years
Performance Warranty:30 Years

Cloaked in a chic, all-black design, the Perlight Delta is a modern marvel in the solar panel landscape boasting robust technology, ingenious structure and a power-packed cell layout. The result? A souped-up power generation fit for the 21st century. 

Quick takeaway: 

  • Efficiency is top-notch at 21.2%, paying back your investment faster than you can say 'solar power.'

  • The innovative parallel layout eases shading losses because who needs 'em, am I right?

  • Safety checks out with high pressure-resistance and a cool operating mode, alongside nominal hot spotting effects. Call it the superhero of solar panels!

  • Perlight's display of faith in the Delta is reflected in a whopping 30 year warranty – now that's confidence!

  • It's not just efficient, it's green too, featuring low Pb levels and it's fluorine-free.

  • Ultra-efficient, offering a bountiful return on investment.

  • Clever parallel layout minimises power losses due to shading.

  • The safety and durability features are second to none. We're talking high-pressure resistance and a lower operating temperature, not to mention minimal hot spotting effects.

  • Despite the long warranty period, there is a stipulated 2% maximum degradation in the first year with an annual 0.55% degradation thereafter.

third place best solar panel the trina solar vertex s

Trina Solar Vertex S

Model:Trina Solar Vertex S
Average Rating:4.69/5
Price Range:£150 - £225
Power Output:405W - 435W
Product Warranty:25 Years
Power Warranty:30 Years

Trina's Vertex Series is a popular choice. This range includes sub-series like Vertex S, Vertex S+. 

All models are made with high-purity monocrystalline solar cells. The Vertex S, with its compact design, is a favoured option for residential installations, with both standard and premium versions available.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Vertex Series solar panels use top-grade monocrystalline solar cells.
  • The Vertex S panel, designed for residential use, fits well on complex roofs due to its smaller dimensions.
  • The standard Vertex S panel features 120 half-cut cells, measures 1754mm x 1096mm, and outputs between 380W and 405W.
  • The premium Vertex S panel uses 144 cells, measures 1762mm x 1134mm, and its output ranges from 405W to 435W.
  • Efficiency for the premium Vertex S panel is as high as 21.8% and it comes with a 25-year product warranty.
  • The use of monocrystalline cells ensures high efficiency.
  • Vertex S panels cater to complex residential roofs due to their size.
  • Both versions provide impressive energy output.
  • The product warranty is longer than most panels in the market.
  • The premium Vertex S panel is larger, which may not fit all roof types.
  • Although the warranty is impressive, it's only applicable to the premium version.

project solar elite 400 solar panels review

Project Solar Evolution Elite 400

Model:Project Solar Evolution Elite 400
Average Rating:4.40/5
Price Range:£350
Power Output:400W
Product Warranty:Lifetime
Performance Warranty:30 Years

Project Solar Evolution Elite 400 equipped with an inventive design and a cheeky warranty that lasts a lifetime.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Boasts a design that features two distinct, equal solar cell arrays.
  • Unpredictable maintenance? It’s a thing of the past due to the clever drainage corners.
  • Hold onto your hats, folks, because an estimated cost could be around £350 per panel.
  • A Lifetime warranty, courtesy of Project Solar, that has got your back forever.
  • Pricing and performance wise, it's a worthy rival to the likes of SunPower Maxeon 3 and LG NeON R.
  • The unique design negates the effect of poor lighting or shading.
  • Say hello to minimal maintenance.
  • Can't shake off the worry demon? The lifetime warranty will do just that.
  • The cost is just estimated, so keep in mind that devil is in the details.
  • Yes, a 20% efficiency is fantastic, but there are always some that offer just a bit more.

sunpower maxeon 3 review

SunPower Maxeon 3

Model:SunPower Maxeon 3
Average Rating4.77/5
Price Range£350
Power Output415W - 430W
Product Warranty40 Years
Performance Warranty40 Years

If you're after a bit of a bigwig in the solar industry, SunPower has been strutting its stuff since 1985, renowned for churning out high-efficiency solar panels.

Its proudest kid on the block? The Maxeon 3 - this baby's built for homes hungry for energy, boasting durability that's through the roof and performance to match.

And trust me, with a whopping 40-year warranty, you'll be basking in its solar goodness for a good long while!

Quick Takeaways:

  • SunPower was established in 1985 and holds over 1,000 solar technology patents.
  • The Maxeon 3 solar panel is known for its efficiency of up to 22.8% and power output of 435W.
  • The solar panel offers a 40-year limited product and power warranty.
  • Maxeon 3 is recognized for its quality by Cradle to Cradle and TÜV Rheinland and as a top performer in 2022 for PVEL’s Product Qualification Program (PQP).
  • Despite its high cost, the panel's low degradation rate and high efficiency make it an excellent long-term investment.
  • Rest easy with their industry-leading warranty that's got your back for 40 years.
  • The remarkably minimal loss in efficiency over time guarantees benefits for the long haul.
  • With cells that resist cracking and an impressive tolerance for harsh weather conditions, these panels are built for longevity.
  • Despite its high efficiency and output, you can find more economical choices with comparable specs so do your research.

LG Neon R Prime review

LG Neon R Prime

Model:LG Neon R Prime
Average Rating:4.73/5
Price Range:£350 - £500
Power Output:350W - 370W
Product Warranty:25 Years
Performance Warranty:25 Years

The LG NeON R Prime Series - a striking line-up of monocrystalline solar panels that are style and substance personified. With a suave, all-black aesthetic that's sure to turn heads, these panels don't just look good; they mean business. Coming in hot with a power output that leaves many competitors in the shade, their efficiency game is seriously on point.

Designed for those discerning homeowners who prefer their panels to pack a punch whilst looking snazzy, the LG NeON R Prime Series honestly delivers.

Quick Takeaways:

  • The NeON R Prime Series offers an all-black aesthetic design, blending seamlessly with your roof.
  • It boasts 21.4% module efficiency, ensuring superior performance.
  • The series comes with a 25-year product warranty.
  • Despite its high power output, the panels have a low degradation rate of 0.3% annually after the first year.
  • With its space-efficient design, you'll only need about 8 NeON R Prime solar panels for a 3kW solar PV system.
  • 21.4% module efficiency, you can bank on these bad boys to perform at their best!
  • Sleek all-black design, these solar panels are sure to complement the aesthetic of most roofs.
  • For a bit of reassurance, the performance longevity of these solar panels is secured by a warranty lasting a whopping 25 years! 
  • The panel's durability is bolstered by its near-zero LID (light induced degradation) and favourable temperature coefficient.
  • Its compact, space-savvy design makes it a perfect match for roofs on the smaller side.
  • The high efficiency and performance of the LG NeON R Prime come with a higher price tag compared to other models.
  • Though the all-black design is sleek, it may not match all types of house exteriors.

Sharp Sunsnap ND F2Q235 review

Sharp SunSnap ND-F2Q235

Model:Sharp SunSnap ND-F2Q235
Average Rating:4.2/5
Price Range:£300
Power Output:235W
Product Warranty:25 Years
Performance Warranty:25 Years

With its flexible monocrystalline cells and sleek thin-film panels, doesn't do too shabby a job. But, truth be told, there are some other contenders in the UK market that give it a run for its money across various aspects. How about we size 'em up a bit?

  • Flexibility in installation - suitable for small and complex roofs
  • Financially accessible - with each module working independently, you can start with just one panel and expand over time
  • Lower energy efficiency compared to SunPower Maxeon 3 and other competitors.
  • Higher rate of annual degradation - 0.54% after the first year.

LG Neon H Bifacial review

LG NeON H BiFacial

Model:LG NeON H BiFacial
Average Rating4.73/5
Price Range£350 - £500
Power Output430W - 455W
Product Warranty25 Years
Performance Warranty25 Years

LG Neon H. Reliable, rugged, and a great balance between price and performance.

Quick takeaways: 

  • The LG Neon H is the belle-of-the-ball when it comes to solar panels, with a dashing 0.33% coefficient.
  • While there're other contenders in the ring (Cough! Sunpower! Cough!), LG's brand credibility is the heavyweight champ.
  • The best part, though? The younger Neon H model comes with a lighter price tag compared to its big bro, making it a smart move for any long-haul solar game plan.
  • While it ain't chump-change, the LG Neon H offers top-tier performance and reliability. Quality always comes at a price, mate.
  • It pairs nicely with high-quality inverters, solid electric setups, and dependable solar retailers. Discerning isn't a dishonourable trait, you know.
  • Some find the LG Neon H's price a bit steep. Remember, you're in for a marathon, not a sprint, so invest wisely.

JA Solar 555W PERC Half Cell GR MC4 Review

JA Solar 555W PERC Half-Cell GR MC4

Model:JA Solar 555W PERC
Average Rating:4.76/5
Price Range:£350
Power Output:550W
Product Warranty:12 Years

Stepping up its game with a fabulous 11-bus-bar half-cell configuration, this model is more than just a pretty face. It's rockin' a peak power output of 550W and it doesn't heat up like some other solar panels.

  • Offers you more bang for your buck - Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy)
  • Shaves off a whopping 5mm from the waistline! Frame thickness has been cut down from 35mm to a slim 30mm

And just when you thought it couldn't get any swankier, it struts onto the scene with a set of high-spec, gold standard Staubli MC4-EVO2A connectors. We're not messing about with this module – it's straight up solar royalty! 

  • Hefty power output
  • Surprisingly shaded-resistant
  • Reduced energy losses
  • Cost-saving in the long run
  • Improved frame design
  • Impressive design life and warranty
  • Slightly on the heavy side

Jink Tiger Pro 420 N Type Review

Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54 Cell

Model:Jinko Tiger Pro
Average Rating4.78/5
Price Range£170
Power Output400W - 420W
Product Warranty25 Years
Power Warranty30 Years

The folks at Jinko have whipped up a tasty treat with their latest N-Type modules. These savvy squares are jam-packed with tech and features that'll knock your socks off. High power performance? Check. Long-life safety and reliability? Double check. These modules mean serious business. 

What's the scoop on Jinko's N-Type modules? 

  • Hot 2.0 Technology improves reliability and sends LID/LETID packing.
  • PID resistance? No sweat. Optimised mass-production processes and control of material
  • Beefed-up mechanical load: certified to stand strong against 2400Pa wind load and a 5400Pa snow load. How's that for reliability?
  • Tough as nails: high salt mist and ammonia resistance.
  • 25-year product warranty & 30-year power warranty that promises 87% efficiency, even after all those years!

And did I mention Jinko is one of the biggest hitters in solar production worldwide, with a thick slice of R&D leading to industry-topping efficiency and performance? Well, now you know. 

So, what's the bottom line here? 

  • Stacked with features, guaranteed reliability and a long lifespan, and warranties.
  • Not to forget the industry-leading power performance.
  • I'm scratching my head over this one...Uh.... Nope! None that I can see!

researching solar panel suppliers on a laptop

Researching UK Solar Panel Suppliers

Strap in, as we talk you through a few vital points to mull over.

Price Tag 
  • Time to play detective and ferret out what the different suppliers are charging for their glossy solar panels. Let's not forget, being thrifty is a virtue, but never at the cost of scrimping on quality!

  • Don't get tunnel vision focussing on the price tag alone. Give a thought to what goodies are tossed into the package - could it be worth taking a punt and shelling out a few more quid for a truly radiant deal?

Quality of the Panels
  • Investigate if your potential supplier is a purveyor of solar panels known for their longevity and performance.
  • Put your nerdy hat on and delve deep into the kind of tech and materials they're stuffing into their panels. 
  • Uncover the truths of their warranty – what's covered, how long it's valid.
  • Look into the ifs and buts of the warranty, because no one likes nasty surprises, do they?
Customer Reviews
  • Do a bit of treasure-diving on customer reviews or feedback. It's a bit like being a detective, but in a couch-potato kind of way.

  • Eagle-eye any recurring pains or grumbles - because where there's smoke, there's often a fire, or in this case, an unsatisfactory solar panel.

Expert Opionions
  • Seek the cadvice of solar energy gurus. Like, legit people who know their photovoltaics from their thermodynamics.
  • Look for advice from independent organisations.

sat in cafe looking at solar panel brochures

What to Consider When Choosing Solar Panels?

You'll need to be armed with a few facts before you step onto that green stage. Here are four of your solar 'must-consider' factors: 

1. Cost

First and foremost, you have to look at the big bucks you'll shell out initially for your new solar panels. No beating around the bush, the best solar panels can be a bit pricey at first bite. However, the perks they bring along (like lower energy bills and durability) can sweeten the deal down the line. (Let's call it delayed gratification, shall we?) As per a study by the Independent, the average cost of installing solar panels is about £6,000-£7,000, depending on the size of the system you go for[1]

2. Payback Timeframes 

Next up on our solar checklist is the payback period. That's the time it takes for your energy bill savings to foot the bill of those shelled-out solar pounds. A shorter payback period? That's a hot investment! With UK homeowners switching on to an energy-saving mindset, the average solar panel kit payback period is around 10 years, but with the right system, it could be as low as 8 years.[2] 

3. Power Output

Of course, you can't overlook the energy-oomph different solar panels can churn out, can you now? Solar panels packing a power punch can generate more electricity and potentially save you a fair few quid. In our good ol' UK, a 4kWp system would generate 3,400 kWh per year - that's enough juice to run a typical household.[3] 

4. Efficiency 

Lastly, let's chat about efficiency - just how well your shiny new solar panels can turn sunlight into electricity. Panels with a hefty efficiency rate are just the ticket when you're working with nip and tuck spaces or less than stellar sunlight situations. According to research, the most efficient solar panel available in the UK can convert sunlight at a rate of up to 22% [4].

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]

illustration of how solar panels work on a UK home

How The Best Solar Panels Work

Ever wondered how those snazzy little solar panels convert our beloved sun's rays into usable electricity? There's a few precise steps: 

1. Absorption

Solar panels are essentially soap operas for photons. Comprised chiefly of silicon photovoltaic cells, these panels become the stage where sunlight, or more specifically, photons in the light energy, get completely soaked up by the waiting silicon (sources: Britannica). 

2. Electrons

The drama unfolds as absorbed photons, somehow finding within them the energy equivalent of a double espresso, manage to break free from their atoms, creating electron-hole partners amidst the silicon crowd (sources: Nature). 

3. Electron Flow

The emancipated electrons, now buzzing about the panel, become an electric current. Think of it like a mini electron marathon within the structure of the solar panel. 

4. Let There Be Electricity! 

These tiny electron joggers, in their journey, traipse through an electrical circuit. And voila! they generate electricity that can be harnessed to power your device or even stored for later use (just like those leftover roast potatoes!) 

on roof cleaning solar panels to look their best

Making Sure Your Panels Look Their Best

We’ve got to talk serious aesthetics here, folks. Sure, we’re saving the planet (small pat on the back there) but remember, we’ve also got to keep the neighbours and stares from passersby in check.

So, what about the look of those sleek solar panels gracing your property? The plot thickens! 

Why aesthetic matters
  • Solar panels last a long time, so it's important to pick ones that go well with the style of your property.
  • Choose panels that are thin and don't stick out too much from your roof.
  • Some solar panels are all black and have a modern look. They still work great.
  • Talk to an solar installer expert who can tell you where the panels should go on your roof to make them look nice.
How to clean solar panels
  • It's a good idea to have a professional clean your solar panels every now and then. If they get dirty, they won't make as much energy.
  • Have them cleaned twice a year to get rid of dust, dirt, bird poop, and other stuff that gets on them.
  • Don't use anything rough or strong that could damage your solar panels.
  • Rinse with a hose that doesn't spray too hard.
  • Before you have them cleaned, check with the company that made your panels to see if they have any special instructions.
How to take care of solar panels
  • Look at the part that holds the panels in place two times a year to make sure it's still strong and doesn't have any problems.
  • Check for rust on the metal parts, especially if you live near the sea. If you find any, fix it quickly.
  • Keep an eye on how much energy your panels make, especially after you clean them. If they don't make as much as before, there might be something wrong and you should get help from an expert.

These steps are best taken care of by a solar professional and would usually be carried out as part of an annual service of your solar panels.

They can also make your property look great if you choose the right ones and keep them clean and maintained.

Best Solar Panels FAQ

What are the best solar brands and models in the UK?
  • Perlight N type
  • Perlight Delta
  • Trina Solar Vertex S
  • Project Solar Evolution Elite 400
  • SunPower Maxeon 3
  • JA Solar JAM60S20
  • LG NeON H BiFacial

What are the benefits of Low-Profile Solar Panels?
  • Low-profile design for a sleek appearance
  • Increased energy output due to better sunlight absorption

What are the factors to consider when selecting solar panels?
  • Initial cost
  • Payback period
  • Power output
  • Efficiency

How can I understand solar panel technology and efficiency?
  • Absorption of sunlight by solar cells
  • Electron excitation within the cells
  • Electron flow to generate electricity

Why do aesthetics matter for solar panels?

The appearance of solar panels can enhance the overall look of your property.

What is the most efficient residential solar panel?

The most efficient residential solar panel is the SunPower Maxeon 3. It offers a high power output and industry-leading efficiency. The SunPower Maxeon 3 comes with a peak power warranty for 30 years, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. Recognized by EUPD Research as an award-winning solar panel.

What's the best solar panel for the money?

Perlight NTA (N-Type) series offers some of the best price to performance on the market. With an efficiency over 22% and prices below £200. Combined with a genirous 30 year product and performance warranty. It's hard to beat.