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Last Updated on 4th March 2024

Solar Panel Kits

solar panel kits including inverter, solar panels and battery storage

Solar energy is a key tool for sustainable living, and its use is growing in the UK. The use of solar panel kits, in particular, has substantially increased. These kits provide a comprehensive solution for both individuals and businesses who want to support a more environmentally friendly future.

Solar panel kits in the UK are a popular way to produce eco-friendly energy by generating your own electricity. These kits are appealing because of their flexibility and user-friendliness. They are suitable for a range of uses, from homes to recreational vehicles and business facilities.

Here's what you can expect from solar panel kits:

  1. Energy Production: Solar panel kits enable you to capture solar energy and convert it into usable electricity.
  2. Customisation: With different types and sizes available, you can select a kit that aligns with your specific energy requirements.
  3. Independence: By installing a solar panel kit, you decrease reliance on traditional power grids.
  4. Cost Savings: Over time, the initial investment is offset by substantial savings on electricity bills.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar panel kits significantly reduce electricity bills and contribute to environmental conservation by harnessing renewable solar energy.
  • There are two main types of solar panel kits: on-grid and off-grid systems.
  • Top solar panel installers in the UK include Glow Green, Renogy, ECO-WORTHY, and Sunstore.
  • A typical solar panel kit includes solar panels, a solar inverter, and batteries.
  • Choosing the right solar panel kit involves assessing your energy needs, considering the space available for installation, and accounting for your budget.
  • Solar panel kits can be installed by professionals or as DIY projects, require regular maintenance for optimal performance, and often come with technical support and warranties.
  • The cost of a solar panel kit varies depending on its size and capacity.
  • Solar panel kits work by capturing sunlight and converting it into usable electricity.
  • The size of the solar panel kit required depends on individual energy consumption needs.

benefits of solar panel kits in the UK

Benefits of Using Solar Panel Kits

Choosing solar panel kits not only saves money, but also benefits the environment. Here are some strong reasons to make the switch:

1. Reduced Electricity Bills

You will notice a drop in your electricity bills right away with solar panel kits. They take energy from the sun and turn it into power for your home. As such, you can save quite a bit of money over time as you depend less on the grid for power.

2. Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Choosing solar panels is a green choice. You use the sun's energy, a reusable source, to help lower greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming. This clean energy has a far less environmental impact than old-fashioned fossil fuels.

3. Energy Independence

Putting up solar panel kits allows you to be less reliant on utility companies and their unpredictable prices. This means you're essentially your own energy supplier, which can be advantageous during periods of energy unreliability or grid problems.

If you're thinking about whether solar panels are a worthwhile investment, this helpful guide can shed some light.

Keep these benefits in mind as we explore different types of solar panel kits available in the UK, to help you decide which one is right for you.

different types of solar panel kits available

Understanding the Different Types of Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits are available in different types, each designed for specific needs. You'll mainly find two systems:

On-grid systems

On-grid solar panel kits link to the public power network. If you produce more power than you use, this excess can go back into the grid. This can give you credits on your electricity bill through incentives like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). These kits are a good choice if you want a backup power source and are looking to cut down your energy bills.

Off-grid systems

Off-grid solar panel kits, which include batteries for energy storage, are ideal for locations that lack stable grid access.

  • Residential solar panel kits: These kits are made for homes, with their capacity matching typical power use. Sizes range from small setups for low power needs to larger ones that can cater to all house energy requirements.
  • Commercial solar panel kits: These kits are designed for businesses or industrial use where there's a need for more energy. They include strong panels and upgraded inverters to manage the higher demand.

In other words, solar panel kits come in different power capacities, and this affects how much electricity they can generate. It's crucial that the electricity generated by your kit is aligned to your power usage. If your power usage is low, you might only need a small capacity kit to supplement your home's energy. If your usage is high, on the other hand, larger kits could produce enough electricity to completely replace your need for grid power.

With a clear understanding of these differences, you're in a better position to choose a solar panel kit that fits your unique needs and situation.

list of the best solar panel suppliers in the UK

Best Solar Panel Kit Suppliers in the UK

1. Glow Green

Overview of Glow Green:

Glow Green Ltd are a solar panel installer of solar panel kits based in Bournemouth, England that specialises in green energy technology. Established on February 15, 2011, the organisation offers a broad spectrum of products and services such as the installation of boilers, air conditioning, electric vehicle chargers, battery storage, and photovoltaic (PV) solar panel kits. Furthermore, this UK-based company is dedicated to solar energy solutions, providing both residential and commercial solar panel installations.

Solar Panel Offerings:

Glow Green provides efficient solar panels from reliable brands like Perlight and Trina, with some of the cheapest prices in the UK. Their solar systems produce a large amount of electricity, with the starting cost likely recovered in around six years.

Reputation and Customer Feedback:

Consistently positively reviewed, Glow Green Ltd is recognised as a reliable and trustworthy solar panel installer. To ensure an optimum customer experience, specific account managers are assigned to each customer. Customer feedback indicates satisfaction, particularly concerning solar panels.

Value Kits:

JA solar panel quote cost and details
  • 5KW Black Mono JA Solar Panels
  • Price Includes Supply & Installation
  • MCS Certificate & Paperwork
  • 5 Year Insurance Backed Workmanship Warranty
  • 12 Year Panel Warranty

Solar Panels only:

£6,100 (inc. VAT)

Solar Panels & Battery:

£8,600 (inc. VAT)

Mid-range Kits:

Trina solar panel quote cost and details
  • 5KW Black Mono Trina Solar Panels
  • Price Includes Supply & Installation
  • MCS Certificate & Paperwork
  • 5 Year Insurance Backed Workmanship Warranty
  • 15 Year Panel Warranty

Solar Panels only: £6,400 (inc. VAT) Solar Panels & Battery: £8,900 (inc. VAT)

Solar Panels only:

£6,400 (inc. VAT)

Solar Panels & Battery:

£8,900 (inc. VAT)

Premium Kits:

Perlight solar panel quote cost and details
  • Premium 5KW Black Mono Perlight Solar Panels
  • Price Includes Supply & Installation
  • MCS Certificate & Paperwork
  • 5 Year Insurance Backed Workmanship Warranty
  • 30 Year Panel Warranty

Solar Panels only:

£6,600 (inc. VAT)

Solar Panels & Battery:

£9,100 (inc. VAT)

Note: These are example costs for a typical 5KW rooftop solar panel installation.

2. Renogy

Renogy, originally started as a student project at Louisiana State University, has expanded into a leading renewable energy company. Driven by its mission to redefine the way the world utilises energy, Renogy is especially renowned for its exceptional solar and LED solutions. The company's expansive product range comprises a collection of products including rigid and portable solar panels, pure sine wave inverters, MPPT charge controllers, and 12V solar batteries.

Key Features and Offerings

  • Diverse Array of Solar Products: Renogy's selection of products enables everyone from homeowners to businesses, find the perfect solar solution. Their offerings range from compact, easily transportable kits designed for small-scale needs, to larger systems created for residential and commercial applications.
  • Superior Quality Solar Panels: Made with premium-grade A+ monocrystalline solar cells, Renogy's solar panels outperform in terms of efficiency. The company's 160W 12V panels, for instance, offer a phenomenal cell efficiency of 21%.
  • Cost-effective Systems: For a typical UK household, you can expect to pay around £6,000 for Renogy solar panels that generate an average amount of power.
  • High Praise from Customers: Renogy's solar panel kits, applauded for their ease of installation and outstanding performance, represent a significant fraction of the glowing customer testimonials. Their 100W 12V monocrystalline solar panel, in particular, has garnered praise for its sturdiness, high power output, and compact proportions.

While some customers have reported occasional hitches with customer service and product warranty, Renogy remains committed to continuously enhancing their offerings. The company's commitment to sustainability is evident in their efforts to boost the energy independence of 50 million people via DIY-friendly and pocket-friendly solar power systems. An on-going investment in their research and development allows them to produce industry-leading products. They back up this commitment by providing expedited customer service and a wealth of readily available educational resources.


ECO-WORTHY, a multinational company, is a powerhouse in the renewable energy field, specializing in novel energy technologies and products that transform the way we consume power. With roots dating back to 2007, the company has expanded its reach to over 60 countries and regions, serving half a million customers with their off-grid solar power systems.

Features and Offerings of ECO-WORTHY:

  • Diverse Product Range: From 130W 12V flexible mono solar panels to 170W 12V monocrystalline solar panels and even 100W 12V folding solar panel suitcases, ECO-WORTHY caters to a spectrum of solar needs.
  • High-Efficiency Panels: ECO-WORTHY's panels are designed with monocrystalline solar cells, which can achieve a solar module efficiency of up to 21%. This makes them highly effective, even in areas with less sunlight.
  • Comprehensive Guides: ECO-WORTHY supports customers with thorough guidance on solar power system installations, offering information from power calculation to component identification and step-by-step installation instructions.
  • Well-Received Performance: Customers attest to the performance and quality of ECO-WORTHY's solar panels, mentioning their robust build and effective performance. However, the suitability of their kits for specific applications may require further customer research.
  • Rounded Renewable Energy Solutions: Beyond solar panels, ECO-WORTHY also offers lifepo4 lithium batteries and wind turbines to its customers, testifying to its commitment to renewable energy.
  • Complete Kits: ECO-WORTHY's product range includes full-scale solar power system kits that cater to various user needs such as homes, cabins, or RVs.

With its commitment to clean, independent energy and a vision to elevate people's lives with convenient electricity usage away from bustling cityscapes, ECO-WORTHY continues to steer the renewable energy landscape, not just in the UK, but across the globe.

4. Sunstore

Sunstore is a UK-based company specialising in solar energy solutions. Incorporated in 1998.

Sunstore Solar provides a comprehensive range of solar products, including 12V solar panels and solar kits for various applications such as caravans, motorhomes, boats, farms, homes, and businesses.The company is known for supplying and installing bespoke off-grid solar kits and systems.

Sunstore Solar is also an MCS accredited company, which means it is recognized for meeting industry standards for quality and safety in installing solar power systems. They offer on-grid solar power installations and are involved in the government's Feed-in Tariff scheme, which allows customers to earn money for the energy they produce.

list of the best solar panel suppliers in the UK

Key Components Included in a Solar Panel Kit

When you delve into solar panel kits, understanding the essential components is crucial. These kits typically include:

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels, the main part of the kit, come in different kinds like monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film. Each type has different levels of power output. Monocrystalline panels are efficient and look good, but they're usually more expensive. Polycrystalline panels are cheaper but a bit less efficient. Thin-film panels are flexible and light, but they usually need more space.

2. Solar Inverter

Solar inverters, which act like the brain of the solar energy system, turn the direct current (DC) from solar panels into alternating current (AC). The AC is then used by most household appliances. There are two types: string inverters, which are affordable but might not be efficient if a panel is not performing well, and microinverters, which are pricier but ensure all panels work to their best ability.

3. Batteries

The batteries in a solar panel kit store energy for times when the sun isn't shining. Lead-acid batteries are often chosen because they are cost-effective. However, lithium-ion batteries are becoming more popular because they last longer and perform better in a smaller size.

Every part of your solar panel kit is important for it to work well. Choosing the right mix of efficiency, functionality and energy storage capacity will have a big impact on your solar energy use.

choosing the right solar panel kit for your needs

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Kit

To choose the right solar panel kit, you'll need to think about a few key points. This helps you to make a decision that's right for you.

Assessing Your Energy Needs

Begin by figuring out your daily energy use in kilowatt-hours (kWh). You can find this on your electricity bill or by using online energy calculators. This step is important because it tells you how many solar panels and what size you might need to meet your energy needs.

Considering Available Space for Installation

Next, check the space where you plan to put the solar panels. While roofs are usual spots, ground mounting is another option if there's not enough room or too much shade on the roof. Make sure the space gets plenty of sun and can handle the size and weight of the solar panels you're thinking about.

Budget Considerations

Considering your budget is crucial when buying a solar panel kit. Even though less expensive choices might be tempting, it's vital to weigh up initial costs with the long-term benefits. Kits with more high-grade components might be pricier at first but can provide superior efficiency and last longer, which saves more money in the long run.

Keep in mind, buying a solar panel kit isn't just about getting the equipment; it’s about finding a solar panel kit that matches both your budget and energy needs.

installation, maintenance and support for solar panel kits

Installation, Maintenance, and Support for Solar Panel Kits in the UK

When it comes to Solar panel kits UK, a key consideration is the installation process.

Installation Options

  • Many suppliers provide professional setup services. They'll help install your kit correctly, measuring everything to ensure it fits well and follows the required rules and regulations.
  • DIY installation choices: These are suited for those who enjoy hands-on work. They usually come with detailed guides and only require basic tools. Still, a technical understanding can be useful to prevent routine installation errors.

Both professional and DIY routes have their own merits and should be chosen based on your comfort level, time availability, and budget.

Maintenance Tips

Post-installation, regular maintenance becomes crucial to ensure the longevity of your solar panel system. Here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Routine checks for dirt accumulation on panels
  2. Check for corrosion in wiring or connectors
  3. Monitor the system's performance

These steps can help in maintaining the efficiency of your solar panel kit.

Technical Support and Warranty

Getting help with managing your solar panels from the providers is crucial. They often give continuous assistance to help resolve any problems that might come up during assembly or use.

Finally, never forget to consider warranty choices when buying solar panel kits in the UK. The length of the warranty tends to differ between providers, but generally covers issues with the materials and craftmanship. Some providers propose longer guarantees at an extra fee for added reassurance.

To learn more about solar panel set up and upkeep, take a look at Glow Green's simple guide to installing and maintaining your solar panels. From regular inspections to intelligent location, they've got everything sorted out for you!.

frequently asked questions about solar panel kits

Solar Panel Kits FAQ

How Much Is a Solar Panel Kit?

Solar panel prices in the UK can differ greatly. Depending on the size, power, and what's included, you could pay anything from £100 to more than £10,000.

How Do Solar Panel Kits Work?

Solar panel kits convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells. The setup typically includes:

  • Solar Panels: Capture sunlight and convert it into DC power.
  • Charge Controller: Regulates the voltage and current coming from the panels.
  • Battery Storage (if off-grid or hybrid): Stores excess energy for later use.
  • Inverter (for AC power needs): Converts DC power from the panels or batteries into AC power used by most home appliances.

How to Install Solar Panel Kits?

You have two options: Hire a professional or install the kit yourself. The process involves setting up the solar panels, connecting the controller, batteries, and inverter, and then attaching it all to your home's power system. Complete instructions usually come with your kit. It's strongly advised to let a professional carry out installation.

What Size Solar Panel Kit Do I Need?

To decide on the best size for your solar panel kit, you need to:

  1. Work out how much electricity you use on average each day, measured in kWh.
  2. Judge how much sun your location gets – this is its solar potential.
  3. Think about whether you might use more electricity in the future.

Pick a kit that can handle your daily electricity use and has extra capacity for days when there's less sun or for when you might use more electricity later on.