Why are Electric Combi Boilers Gaining Popularity

Electric combi boilers have gained popularity for strong reasons. Many people convert their conventional gas boilers with the electric ones as it provides more comforts and irresistible advantages. If you’re still hesitating to install one, you may want to check the advantages offered by an electric boiler below which are also the reasons why it’s so popular today. Read more

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How is Boiler Plus Scheme Going to Affect the Boiler Market

The Boiler Plus Scheme was introduced in April of 2018 to help the UK meet its G20 energy saving requirements. The law stipulates that from that date, all new combination boilers must have one of the following features: Read more

Smart Heating – is it Worth the Effort

If our television adverts are to be believed it would seem the whole world has suddenly become smart. We have smartphones, smart cars, smart motorways and recent innovations allow us to smartly control aspects of our homes.

All this, of course, is to make our living space smart. Many may know you can control your lighting and your television through your smartphone. But did you know you can control your heating too? Read more

Combi Boiler Maintenance

Global Gas Boiler Market Heating Up Despite Predictions

Although it was recently estimated that central heating boilers will be phased out completely by 2050, the market shows no actual signs to back up these predictions.

A study carried out by Global market Insights and other research companies show that the demand for new gas boilers is set to remain high and even increase with time. Read more

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Where to Buy Worcester Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle Boilers?

Why are all central heating boilers so ugly? There is no denying that your combi boiler is not something you would have proudly on display. That’s why most homeowners will do whatever they can to hide it away. However, the housing market is changing and manufacturers have to respond to this change. With the general population increasing significantly, the average size of our properties keep reducing, meaning that a large portion of the future’s housing stock will come with tiny kitchens. How do you fit a boiler in a cupboard if all you have is a tiny gallery kitchen? Right, you can’t. That’s why Worcester Bosch has introduced what only seems like a logical step towards an inevitable interior design trend – stylish boiler. Read more

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Which Boiler Brand Wins in 2019?

It’s that time of the year again when Which? consumer association releases the updated boiler review. So if you’re wondering which boiler is better for you in 2019, you’ve come to the right place as we attempt to summarise the Which Best Buy Boiler report to point out the important bits. Read more

Common Boiler Faults

What are Most Common Boiler Faults

A faulty boiler sounds like a nightmare scenario for any household. It’s not much fun being stuck in a cold home with no hot water. Although modern boilers are relatively reliable, every boiler is bound to break down at least a couple of times during its lifetime. Even the most reliable boilers do break down – the question is how long is your manufacturer warranty period, how clued up is your heating engineer and how well you maintain your central heating boiler. Read more

Combi Boiler Maintenance

Combi Boiler Maintenance – the Correct Things to Do

When it comes to any type of appliance, ensuring it is maintained properly is a savvy thing to do as it prolongs the work life of the device. Combi boiler maintenance is always cheaper than replacing the appliance, especially a boiler that costs at least £2,500 to replace. With modern combi boilers there is not that much to do maintenance-wise from the homeowner’s perspective. Read more

Bathroom Robot

Are Bathroom Robots Taking Over the World?

Maybe not quite yet taking over but we’re definitely on a brink. So far most attempts at creating a coherent and helpful housekeeping robot have been pretty weak. At the same time research never stops and here and there an odd high-quality robot pops up. Most recent developments in the exciting field of creating bathroom robots come from the Country of Rising Sun – Japan. Read more

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Using Smart Thermostat Data to Optimise Your Fuel Bill

When it comes to using smart thermostat data to regulate the boilers and other heating/cooling systems, most of us are barely scratching the surface. During the recent surge of boiler installations that come with a Nest thermostat or other smart thermostat models, we’ve noticed that most consumers will pick the most convenient mode that requires the least effort from them.

Although the new generation of thermostats are supposed to be smart, you won’t get the maximum benefit out of them unless you learn how to use smart thermostat data to help you save even more money. Read more